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Welcome to the EAS Blog!

Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Want your BMW on here for everyone to see? Send photos and all relevant info to and we'll review your submission. Take a look around and enjoy!

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Lowered M4 on 359 GTS Wheels

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

This customer wasted no time in modifying their new Alpine White F82 M4. Right off the bat, the 437 M wheels were replaced with the E9X M3's 359 GTS wheels, along with a set of 10mm Macht Schnell spacers in the front. Behind the matte black wheels, the factory's blue brake calipers were swapped out for identical red ones. H&R Sport lowering springs got rid of the unsightly wheel gap and stiffened up the car's handling performance. Under the hood we removed the stock paper air filters and installed a pair of BMC high performance air filters, which are good for a bit of extra horsepower. Inside, the high-tech Awron DGA gauge displays several pages of real time data while seamlessly blending with the OEM interior. And, as is the case with pretty much every other F8X we've seen so far, this M4's exterior has been streamlined with iND's kidney grille surrounds, side markers and front reflectors. Enjoy.

Sakhir Orange F80 M3

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

This brand new Sakhir Orange M3 drove straight from the dealership to our facility for a few quick cosmetic upgrades. Wanting to get rid of the chrome trim, we installed iND's gloss black painted kidney grille surrounds in front along with gloss black painted side markers. We then swapped out both the front and rear sets of OEM reflectors for Sakhir Orange painted ones, giving the body a sleeker look. Lastly, we installed a Sakhir Orange painted license plate frame to add the finishing touches to this F80's stunning exterior. Enjoy!

Alpine White M4 Lowered on H&R Sport Springs

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

We were able to secure some of the first sets of M3/M4 H&R springs in the country a bit early, so we wasted no time getting a set installed. This customer from Arizona drove 379 miles one way to get these new springs put in, making it a good opportunity to rack up some break-in miles on their new M4. Before we put this F82 on our lift, we made sure to take some "before" photos so that you could see the results of the new springs. With the H&R sport springs installed, the car was dropped by a full inch in both the front and rear, giving the car the sporty stance it should have had from the factory. Enjoy!

Awron Gauge Installed in M4

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

We've installed many of these Awron gauges in supercharged E9X M3s before, but this was the very first that we have installed in the new M4. Like all the other Awron gauges, this model, which fits the F30 3-Series, F32/F33 4-Series, F80 M3, and the F82/F83 M4, is expertly pre-assembled into an OEM BMW vent. The sharp, full color OLED display presents a wide array of real time data, which is controlled using the steering wheel buttons for quick, on the fly commands. We really like how this gauge flows with BMW's new interior - it really looks like a factory option! Check out the photos below and click on the product link to see all the cool features of this awesome little gauge.

Yas Marina Blue M3 on Burning Red Volk TE37RT Wheels

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

The Yas Marina Blue F80 M3 is back! This time it was fitted with a set of Burning Red 18" TE37RT wheels, which were taken off the owner's previous E92 M3. He's still not sure on whether or not he likes the color combo, so we'll probably be seeing a new set of wheels on this car very soon. This F80 was also equipped with the new H&R sport lowering spring kit, which in combination with the new wheels, gave it the perfect stance. on While it was at our facility, we ran it on the dyno, installed a 75mm Macht Schnell stud conversion kit, and tidied up the exterior with some iND painted goodies. Take a quick look at this clean, yet one-of-a-kind M3.

Niche Targa Wheels Installed on Porsche Cayman S

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

We recently had the opportunity to install a fresh set of wheels and tires on this black Cayman S. Wanting something both sporty and dark, this Porsche owner opted for the Niche Targa Sport Series wheels. Finished in matte black with machined aluminum spokes, these aggressively styled cast wheels not only look fantastic, but they're also very affordable. Take a look at how they instantly transformed this Cayman S into a sleek and stealthy sports car.

Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Wheels Installed on C63 AMG Sedan

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

This white Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG sedan was in need of some fresh wheels. These 19" matte black Vorsteiner V-FF 101 flow-formed wheels, with their aggressive styling and affordable price point,  were the the perfect choice for this car. Just check out these sweet photos that Vorsteiener shared with us to see for yourself.

The Works for a Frozen White M3 Sedan

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

Most of our customers modify their cars in multiple stages, having us install one or two parts during each visit. Others, like the owner of this Frozen White wrapped E90 M3, want everything done in one fell swoop. So many components of this 2008 M3 have been replaced or upgraded that it's essentially a brand new car. It really did get the works.

Superman Edition F30 335i

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

We see a lot of modified BMWs on a daily basis, but it's actually pretty rare for us to see a BMW that breaks the mold like this one does. This particular F30 caught our attention with its rather unique Superman insprired theme. Not only is this 335i equipped with an Estoril Blue exterior with a Coral Red interior, but it also features a red diffuser, a red trunk spoiler, red side skirts, Superman themed kidney grilles and a Superman logo license plate frame. While it was here, we added 20 more red highlights with a BBS racing lug nut kit. Future plans include a red lip to complete the theme.

Gunmetal VMR V705s on TiAg E92

(Wednesday, Jul 30 2014, 07:00AM)

Sometimes a set of wheels is everything you need to give your BMW a new look. For this Titanium Silver E92 335i, it was finally time to swap out its stock wheels for some VMR replacements. Opting for the 19" V705s, we installed these Gunmetal 5-spoke wheels along with some fresh Hankook V12 tires. The result is a sportier and grippier 335i Coupe without breaking the bank.

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