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Welcome to the EAS Blog!

Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Want your BMW on here for everyone to see? Send photos and all relevant info to and we'll review your submission. Take a look around and enjoy!

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F22 M235i Trio

(Tuesday, Sep 16 2014, 04:52AM)

Recently we had a trio of F22s at the shop. All of them feature the M Performance front lip, gloss black kidney grilles and the carbon fiber trunk spoiler. They're also all lowered lowered on H&R sport springs, and the two on the right are riding on VMR V705 wheels. We really love the sporty M235i, so it was a nice treat for us to see these three beauties all lined-up. Enjoy!

We just finished installing the complete BMW M Performance aero package on this Mineral White M4. Consisting of the carbon fiber splitters, ABS lip, carbon fiber mirrors, ABS side blades, carbon fiber trunk spoiler and carbon fiber diffuser, the M performance package instantly gives the F82 a super clean and aggressive style. Like the other M4s that we've worked on, this one also has the BMW gloss black kidney grilles along with iND's painted reflectors and side markers. A set of spacers and the M Performance exhaust system are the next plans for this beautiful M4. Enjoy.

New Suspension & Wheels for an M5

(Tuesday, Sep 16 2014, 04:52AM)

The first time this Alpine White M5 was in our shop, we installed an Eisenmann stainless steel race exhaust system. Yesterday it returned to upgrade its suspension and get a new set of wheels. To give this F10 an aggressive drop we installed the KW HAS lowering spring sleeve-over kit, which enables independently adjustable ride height and works perfectly with the EDC. We then threw on a set of matte bronze 21" ADV.1 three piece wheels, which really look great on this beastly Alpine White sedan. Enjoy.

Black Sapphire M4 gets Spacers & Cosmetics

(Tuesday, Sep 16 2014, 04:52AM)

This stock Black Sapphire M4 swung by yesterday for the essentials. The first order of business was getting rid of the chrome accent pieces and the orange front reflectors, which were taken car of by installing iND's painted reflectors, side markers and a set of BMW gloss black kidney grilles. Next, we installed Macht Schnell 10mm spacers on all four corners to push the wheels outward just a bit. The finished result is a sleek and sporty F82 that keeps things subtle.

Lowered Titanium Silver 335i

(Tuesday, Sep 16 2014, 04:52AM)

Wanting both a sportier look and tighter handling from his 335i, this F30 owner came to us for a set of H&R sport lowering springs. By dropping the car about 1.3" in the front and 0.7" in the rear, the popular H&R springs lower the car's center of gravity, significantly reduce body roll and get rid of the excessive wheel gap. The new ride height definitely gives this M-Sport a sportier look, especially when combined with the gloss black kidney grilles and the carbon fiber trunk spoiler. Enjoy.

Spacers for an Alpine White M3 Sedan

(Tuesday, Sep 16 2014, 04:52AM)

This Alpine White M3 sedan stopped by our facility for some wheel spacers. Already fitted with a few carbon fiber pieces by BMW Performance and iND's painted cosmetic package, the matte black GTS wheels were looking a bit too sunken-in for this owner's taste. A set of 15mm spacers in the front combined with a set of 12mm spacers in the rear instantly fixed the problem by pushing the wheels out to their proper place. Now this clean E90 finally has the wide and sporty stance that it should have had from the factory. Enjoy.

Mineral Gray M4 on HRE FlowForm Wheels

(Tuesday, Sep 16 2014, 04:52AM)

This Mineral Gray M4 features a set of the popular HRE FF01 FlowForm wheels in 20" fitment. Powdercoated in a "Fog" finish, these matte gray wheels are manufactured using a unique casting and forming process that obtains strengths similar to a forged wheel. Combined with the H&R sport lowering springs, these wheels perfectly fill out the F82's fender arches and provide a clean, sporty stance. Gloss black kidney grilles, painted reflectors and side markers clean up the exterior while a BMW M Performance carbon fiber DCT shift knob adds a bit of flair to the interior. This M4 also makes a bit more noise than the rest, thanks to the Magnaflow's prototype stainless steel muffler. Enjoy.

LeMans Blue E92 335is

(Tuesday, Sep 16 2014, 04:52AM)

This beautiful LeMans Blue 335is dropped by our shop to show off its new set of wheels yesterday. Taken off an F82 M4, these black 19" Style 437 M wheels work perfectly on this E92, especially when lowered on a set of KW V1 coilovers. A set of matte black kidney grilles and iND painted front reflectors are the only other exterior modifications on this 335is, maintaining a super clean OEM plus look. Enjoy.

We Dyno SoCal's Loudest Mercedes

(Tuesday, Sep 16 2014, 04:52AM)

We're not 100% positive that this is the loudest Mercedes in Southern California, but it has to be one of them. It's defintely the loudest Mercedes that we've ever dynoed, that's for sure! Fitted with a set of headers and a midpipe from Agency Power, this C63 AMG is somehow dead silent at idle, yet brutally loud at wide open throttle. Check out the video below to hear this beast for yourself.

At this past weekend's Big SoCal Euro meet, Vorsteiner debuted their new carbon fiber front lip spoiler for the F8X M3 & M4. Manufactured using autoclaved pre-preg carbon fiber, this Vorsteiner lip offers superior stiffness, aerospace strength & durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber composites. They did an excellent job designing a piece that flows with F8X's complex contours and gives the car an undoubtedly aggressive style. Take a look at this Alpine White M3 fitted with the new lip and a set of VS-110 wheels.

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