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Welcome to the EAS Blog!

Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Want your BMW on here for everyone to see? Send photos and all relevant info to and we'll review your submission. Take a look around and enjoy!

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Who's to say that just because this Jet Black F30 happens to be a hybrid that it can't also sound great? Certainly not this owner. This being the first ActiveHybrid 3 that we've had the pleasure to work on, we were really excited to hear how the Borla ATAK stainless steel exhaust system would sound. With the installation completed, we came to the unanimous conclusion that this car sounds incredible. Don't believe us? Well, check out the video below to hear it for yourself! Enjoy.

Wheels, Brakes & Exhaust for an Alpine White F80

(Friday, Oct 31 2014, 05:24AM)

With SEMA just around the corner, this Alpine White F80 came to us for some last minute modifications. Having previously installed the KW HAS lowering spring kit, it was time for us to install some new wheels and brakes. For maximum stopping power and fade-free performance at the track, this F80 opted for a Brembo GT big brake kit; 6-piston calipers in front, 4-piston calipers in the rear and massive 380mm j-hook rotors all around. Next, we mounted up a set of 19" black chrome Forgestar F14 wheels. Their iconic super deep concave spokes really give a car a wide stance and they do a great job of showing off the yellow Brembos. Last but not least, we cut out the stock exhaust's rear section and replaced it with the Arqray stainless steel system, which features beautiful torched titanium tips. Combined with the low ride height and gloss black trim, the new wheels, brakes and exhaust make this one seriously mean looking sedan. Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes: Vorsteiner Widebody M4

(Friday, Oct 31 2014, 05:24AM)

Vorsteiner shared some very cool behind the scenes photos of their GTRS4 widebody project. Take a look at their process of 3D scanning and clay modeling to perfect the final shape of the body panels. This M4 will be released at SEMA next week, but until then these photos will give you an idea of how the car will look. Enjoy!

This Yas Marina Blue M4 came to our facility to get lower, louder and lighter. In order to give this F82 a dialed-in aggressive ride height, we installed the popular KW Height Adjustable Sleeve-Over (HAS) lowering spring kit. Like a coilover set-up, the HAS system gives full control of each corner's ride height without the expensive price tag, and offers improved handling characteristics. Next we installed the beautiful Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system with carbon fiber tips; this system is more akin to jewelery than car parts. Not only does the Akrapovic exhaust completely changes the sound of the S55, but it also sheds about 25lbs of unnecessary weight. The exterior of this F82 has been kept simple, with just the M Performance carbon fiber trunk spoiler in the rear, and gloss black accent pieces in the front. Enjoy.

The super popular Height Adjustable Lowering Spring Sleeve-Over kit from KW is now available for the F8X M3 & M4! Just like a coilover set-up the KW HAS kit allows for independent ride-height adjustment, but because it utilizes the OEM shocks it costs a fraction of the price. This Alpine White F80 came to us to have this kit installed and dialed-in for a sporty, aggressive drop. Combined with a set of lightweight matte black Advan GT wheels, this low & wide M3 sedan gives off a whole new attitude.

Alpine White E92 M3 on Volk ZE40 Wheels

(Friday, Oct 31 2014, 05:24AM)

This is a proper 6SPD M3. Featuring some very high end modifications like a set of KW clubsport coilovers and an Akrapovic GT4 exhaust system, this Alpine White E92 is built with performance in mind. During its most recent visit to our facility, we installed a set of bronze Volk Racing 18" ZE40 wheels wrapped in AD08R tires; a Macht Schnell stud conversion kit paired with some neochrome Project Kics R40 lug nuts gave the finishing touches to these beautiful JDM wheels. The exterior of this coupe has intentionally been kept simple with a Mode Carbon front lip, iND painted reflectors, BMW Edition black chrome trim and carbon fiber mirrors. On the inside, we took out the rear seats, installed a red AE Performance bolt-in roll bar and a pair of Schroth 4-point racing harnesses to compliment the leather Recaro Pole Position racing seats. This daily-driven E92 has maintained a great balance of aggression, performance and comfort. Enjoy!

Spacers for a Mineral Gray F80

(Friday, Oct 31 2014, 05:24AM)

This Mineral Gray M3 spent almost no time at all in its bone stock form. Coming to us straight from the dealership, this F80 was in dire need of some spacers and cosmetic pieces. To give this car a wide, aggressive stance we installed 18mm Macht Schnell spacers in both the front and rear. We also went ahead and installed gloss black kidney grilles, side markers and color matched IND painted reflectors to clean up the exterior. After a quick personalization coding session, this M3 was finally good enough for the road.

Yost Autosport M3 Race Car Completed

(Friday, Oct 31 2014, 05:24AM)

Our friends at Yost Autosport dropped by last week to show off their completed M3 race car! If you remember from a while back, we showed you this car in its initial build stages as well as when it was nearing completion in our booth at Bimmerfest. Since then, this E92 has come a very long way. Over the next 6 weeks this car is going to be tested and fine tuned in preparation for the N.A.S.A Pro Racing 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in Northern California. We took a ton of photos to show you every detail of this incredible build, but if you want more info, head over to Yost Autosport's website and be sure to follow them on Instagram. Enjoy!

Frozen Black M6 Gran Coupe

(Friday, Oct 31 2014, 05:24AM)

Bruce Wayne probably wouldn't mind using this as his daily driver. Featuring a stunning Frozen Black paint job, this brand new M6 Gran Coupe has been fitted with some very cool modifications. Underneath the car, an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system sheds substantial weight and gives this menacing M6 the beastly sound that it deserves. Having been aggressively lowered on a set of KW V3 coilovers, the stock wheels just weren't going to cut it any more. Replacing them are these 20" BBS FIs, which do an excellent job of showcasing the massive carbon ceramic brakes. We enhanced the exterior by installing Arkym's full carbon fiber line-up, which includes the front lip, side skirts, diffuser and trunk spoiler; all of which are made with a 1x1 weave to perfectly match the OEM roof. Gloss black kidney grilles, side markers and color-matched front reflectors bring this F06 a few steps closer to being a stealth bomber. Enjoy!

US Spec M3 GTS on the Dyno

(Friday, Oct 31 2014, 05:24AM)

What started life as a Lime Rock Park Edition M3 has been meticulously transformed into a US spec M3 GTS. Featuring OEM parts like the roll cage, seat hardware, interior pieces, steering wheel, wing spoiler, front lip and more, this Fire Orange E92 is the closest thing to a GTS that we'll probably ever see. It also features a collection of sweet aftermarket goodies as well, like the Volk TE37SL Black Edition wheels, Akrapovic GT4 exhaust system and a custom stroker motor. To get the full scoop on this car, check out its build journal on M3Post. Enjoy!

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