AP Racing - Ultra 5.1 Performance Brake Fluid


AP Racing Brake Fluids have been developed specifically for use under the arduous conditions encountered at the highest levels of motorsport. All AP Racing Brake Fluids are compatible with all hydraulic brake systems designed to conform to S.A.E. J1703 requirements.

AP Racing DOT 5.1 is a value priced brake and clutch fluid with performance rivaling premium priced alternatives. DOT 5.1's strengths are its low cost and flexibility. DOT 5.1 is a great choice for daily driving, canyon carving, autocross, drift, and HPDE, and it will mix safely with just about all other DOT 5.1, DOT 4, and DOT 3 fluids. For cost-conscious buyers who don't need the absolute highest boiling point, DOT 5.1 is the perfect choice.

When switching your fluid to AP Racing Ultra 5.1, we recommend purging all of the old fluid from the system via a manual bleed. Most of our customers find that three bottles of fluid is enough to completely replace their existing brake fluid, and have enough left over for a bleed at the track to remove any remaining air bubbles.

- 'Typical' New Dry Boiling Point - 269°C (516°F)
- 'Wet' E.R. (Equilibrium Reflux) Boiling Point - 187°C (369°F)