Arkym - Carbon Fiber AeroRace Front Bumper - BMW E9X M3


Arkym AeroRace products are geared toward an enthusiast seeking the ultimate in aerodynamic body replacements. These individuals seek the lightest of light and the strongest of strong in which the ARKYM AeroRace line of products can provide. Full carbon fiber trunks, hoods, roofs, sideskirts and bumpers fall directly into this category, with optional finishes and absolutely essential recommendations by our staff to have these products professionally installed by a body shop. A few products in this category are dedicated to MotorSport use only and require slight modification to OEM attachment points to ensure operational safety.

- Double-sided carbon fiber construction
- 1x1 pattern weave
- Original motorsport design
- Made in the USA

Models Supported
2008-2013 BMW E9X M3