BAVSOUND - Stage 1 Premium Speaker Upgrade Kit - BMW F32/F33/F36 4-Series


As you drive your BMW, you've noticed that your car is not the "ultimate sounding machine." Turn on the stereo and something is just...missing. Clarity, definition, depth, sparkle - in a word, beauty. As both BMW and music lovers, BAVSOUND set out to remedy this situation - as simply and effectively as possible. BAVSOUND created the Stage One Direct-Fit Speaker Upgrade; the world's only BMW-specific plug & play speaker upgrade system.

The Stage One Speaker Upgrade Kit is designed to replace the weakest link in your stereo - the speakers - and work in perfect physical and electro-acoustic harmony with your car, by plugging right in and unlocking the latent potential hidden in your BMW's stereo. This kit replaces every speaker in your BMW (except subs), and includes absolutely everything you need.

The speakers in the Stage One Speaker Upgrade produce higher quality sound and a wider range and more balanced reproduction of the bass and treble you're currently missing. That's because, unlike your factory BMW speakers, BAVSOUND utilizes proven audio technology: woven fiberglass cones, butyl rubber surrounds, and silk composite tweeters. These technologies, working together, result in speakers that remain distortion free at higher volumes for accurate, natural, beautiful sound at volumes much louder than your factory speakers.

We install everything we sell (including this Stage One Premium Speaker Upgrade Kit) at our 8,000 sq/ft, three lift facility in Anaheim, CA. Our experienced technicians are armed with an arsenal of specialty tools to get the job done right. Contact us @ 866.669.0705 for an estimate or to schedule your installation.

Backed With BAVSOUND'S 4-Year Warranty 
BAVSOUND'S products are bulletproof. So is their warranty. Everything they sell has been engineered for durability and longevity. That’s why the speaker upgrades and subwoofer systems are backed with the industry leading 4-year limited warranty. So if something breaks, send it back. They'll replace it at no charge.

- Dramatically enhances sound quality
- Simple and affordable
- Integrated with your BMW amplifier
- Totally reversible (Leasing your BMW? Not a problem - can either be left in for future owners to enjoy, or they can be taken out and restored back to factory audio system.)

Models Supported:
2014+ BMW F32/F33/F36 4-Series