BBS - Limited Edition Locking Lug Nut Set - Black Chrome


BBS splinedrive lug nuts are made by wheel nut specialists, McGard for BBS Japan. This set of 20 spline drive lugs features a black chrome anodized BBS lug nuts plus a set of security locks in the same exclusive finish with BBS logo. Each lug nut has a seating ring which prevents the lug nut from scratching your wheel finish while tightening your lugs.

The complete kit comes contained in a padded carrying case ensuring they arrive in flawless condition. Not only do these lug nuts look great, but they will also do a great job of protecting your BBS wheels.

BBS Limited Edition Locking Lug Nut Set Features
- High quality black chrome finish
- 16 splinedrive lug nuts w/ spline adapter
- 4 locking nuts w/ key adapter
- Included padded carrying case
- 12x1.5 thread pitch

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