1. 2018 Black Sapphire Metallic F82 M4 - Pure Turbo, Snow Performance, VTT, VRSF

    2018 Black Sapphire Metallic F82 M4 - Pure Turbo, Snow Performance, VTT, VRSF

    There's just something special about the cool confidence of a sleeper car. A plain-looking car with serious engine work is a satisfying, grin-inducing machine that can ruin the day of an unsuspecting supercar owner. That's the sort of thing the owner of this M4 wanted when they reached out to us. The goal was to have a very fast car that looked stock on the outside--And under the hood! We upgraded the turbos, exhaust system and changed up the fuel system to run on E85 and methanol only. To help engine longevity, we also installed the VTT Spline Lock Crank Hub Solution. Cary Jordan supplied the Bootmod3 flash tune and helped us reach 706 horsepower at the wheels, with 658 wheel torque. The only thing that might give away the true potential of this particular car would be the loud exhaust. Otherwise, this black beast is one hell of a street sleeper!

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  2. 2019 F90 M5 - 20'' Titan7 T-S5 (Wicked Black)

    2019 F90 M5 - 20'' Titan7 T-S5 (Wicked Black)

    20'' Titan7 T-S5s are now available! These wheels were a long time coming, more than a few F90 M5 requested a Titan7 option for their super sedan. Exclusive to the F90 M5 specification (20x10 ET22 & 20x11 ET30) is the new Wicked Black finish. The glossy finish of these forged wheels sure contrast nicely with the matte black wrap that this M5 Competition is rocking. While these wheels fill the fenders of the F90 rather well, some lowering in the front will make it look even nicer...

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  3. 2018 i3 S - AST Suspension Lowering Springs

    2018 i3 S - AST Suspension Lowering Springs

    Even EVs need some love too. This i3's owner is an avid autocrosser (check out those Schroth Racing harnesses!) and wanted some more performance out of their daily driver. AST Suspension makes a lowering spring that retains OEM-like ride comfort, so the owner of this i3 opted for them. Each spring is cold wound and then heat treated to increase hardness and reduce internal stresses present after winding. Each spring is then individually shot peened, phosphate treated and then powder coated to outlast even the life of the vehicle. With the car lowered and looking more athletic, this i3 ought to surprise some other drivers on its next canyon outing!

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  4. 2018 Hockenheim Silver F87 M2 Competition - BMW M Performance Suspension & Lightweight Front Lip

    2018 Hockenheim Silver F87 M2 Competition - BMW M Performance Suspension & Lightweight Front Lip

    It's not an uncommon occurrence for customers to come into our shop to get front lips and splitters replaced. Especially if they drive a lowered car. Just one unfortunate moment of carelessness can be enough to say good-bye to a carbon fiber front lip! Front lips from Lightweight are a popular solution for those who go through front lips like they go through brake pads and tires. Despite their name, Lightweight front lips are sturdy, heavy-duty units made of a durable material. These lips are nearly unbreakable, making them pair very well with lowered cars. The lip itself has a clean, non-busy styling and helps optimize the aerodynamic balance of the vehicle it is installed on.

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  5. Alpine White F82 M4 - AC Schnitzer & Moton Suspension

    Alpine White F82 M4 - AC Schnitzer & Moton Suspension

    When people talk about the BMW aftermarket, the name AC Schnitzer eventually comes up. Being manufactured in Germany to high standards, AC Schnitzer parts are often coveted by owners of BMW models old and new. Whether you have ACS parts on your E30 M3 or your F8x M3/M4, you'll turn the heads of fellow enthusiasts with ease. This F82 M4 is covered inside and out with ACS parts. With high quality parts such as these, one can expect perfect, OEM-like fitment and quality. The carbon fiber front spoiler and rear wings add aggressive style to the car's front/rear fascias and profile. In conjunction with these quality German-made parts, a set of Work Gnosis FMB01 wheels and Moton's 2-Way Coilover System complete the look, with the latter considerably boosting the M4's road handling abilities.

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  6. RWB Porsche 911 - Moton Motorsport 3-Way Coilovers

    RWB Porsche 911 - Moton Motorsport 3-Way Coilovers

    Porsches modified by RWB tend to polarize enthusiasts. But for better or worse, these wide-hipped 911s always manage to attract attention wherever they go! RWB cars tend to come off as all-show, no-go, but the fact of the matter is, there is an annual endurance race dedicated to these cars: The Idlers 12 Hour. Every year, RWB owners from all around the world converge in Japan to compete and spectate. Such a race would demand a quality, high-performance suspension like Moton's 3-Way Motorsport Pro Coilover System.

    Moton's 3-way adjustable damper features 15 positions of high speed bump, 6 positions low speed bump and 15 positions of rebound adjustment. The low speed bump adjuster is located on top of the high speed bump adjuster and can be adjusted in dependably. The low speed bump adjuster is very effective in helping to control body roll while adding to turn in and is effective in controlling pitch and squat. The 3-Way adjustable Moton damper is using, like the double adjustable damper, a unique blow off valve system in the canister to totally control curb stones and bumpy track conditions. This suspension kit would be an excellent starting point to an Idlers 12 Hour build!

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  7. 2018 San Marino Blue F80 M3 CS - HRE R101 (Stone Finish)

    2018 San Marino Blue F80 M3 CS - HRE R101 (Stone Finish)

    Some car/wheel combos look just right. HRE R101s and the San Marino Blue M3 CS is definitely one of those combos!

    Starting at a mere 16lbs, HRE’s R101 Lightweight takes the R101 style to the next level. The R101 LW is specifically designed for individual vehicle models creating the ultimate in lightweight optimization for street and track use. Every vehicle model has a different load rating and power output, so HRE utilized this data to redesign the R101 for each model application fine-tuning each detail of the wheel to remove weight and add stiffness where possible. The aesthetics and performance of these lightweight wheels are taken even further with the KW Dynamic Dampening Control Coilover System . Carbon fiber bits from AutoTecknic and RKP complement the San Marino Blue body color rather nicely as well!

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  8. 2020 Toyota A90 Supra - Dyno

    2020 Toyota A90 Supra - Dyno

    Here is the first A90 Toyota Supra to visit our shop! It stopped by to get tested on our Dynojet. Below, you can see a baseline dyno comparison between the Supra and the G29 Z4. Both cars were tested with CA 91 octane fuel, measured at the wheels. While both are powered by the B58, the Z4 has 48 wheel horsepower over the Supra! From what we know, the two cars have different manifolds and turbos. With a lot of hype surrounding the Supra, we're expecting to see more than a few stop by eas to get upgrades. We hope to learn more about the differences between the Supra and Z4 as well.

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  9. Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3 - AST 5100 & Titan7 T-S7

    Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3 - AST 5100 & Titan7 T-S7

    Some things never go out of style. When a design is timeless, it'll stick around for decades to come. Split-spoke mesh wheels are the denim jeans of the wheel world; timeless and widely manufactured. Titan7's T-S7 is a recent wheel design to feature the aforementioned spoke style. When matched with an near-equal timeless design such as the E46 M3, it's a match made in heaven.

    The durable, forged construction of these wheels will hold up for many track sessions. Being lightweight for their size, the T-S7s also play nicely with the high-performance AST 5100 Series Coilovers. The 5100 Series shock absorbers utilise inverted / upside down technology. The inverted design is race proven technology and produces an extremely strong damper, providing better suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads as seen in a road and track environment.

    The Iridium Silver finish of the T-S7s also contrast nicely with the black Brembo GT-S Calipers and this M3's Laguna Seca Blue body. This M3's a highly functional beauty to say the least!

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  10. Interlagos Blue E46 M3 - KW V2, Eisenmann Exhaust

    Interlagos Blue E46 M3 - KW V2, Eisenmann Exhaust

    The E46 M3 is a true modern classic. It's a car that still has a passionate following among enthusiasts so the aftermarket still caters to the venerable platform. This clean Interlagos Blue example with only 43,000 miles on the odometer lived a rather stock life. It's owner decided it was time for some changes when they contacted us. First order of business was installing a KW Variant 2 Coilover System. The KW V2 system is intended for the experienced driver who does not only wish to determine the individual lowering of his vehicle, but also wishes to carry out setup adjustments. The adjustable rebound damper allows adjusting the pitch and roll behavior of the vehicle and therefore the driving pleasure can be adapted to the own requirements.

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