2005 Carbon Black E46 M3 - KW V3 & Sparco SPX

Upgrading your car's seats and suspension system are some of the most worthwhile modifications you can make. While a upgrade such as coilovers can dramatically change the way the car handles and feels on the road, in many ways, swapping out the seat is an even bigger change. Along with the steering wheel, pedals, and shift knob, the seat is a major touch point; one of the main ways (if not the main way) the driver interacts with a car. Most factory seats are a one-size-fits-all sort of deal and do not do the best job in keeping the driver in place during sportier driving. A good aftermarket seat with more aggressive bolstering would do better in keeping the driver in place under high performance driving, comfortably. The Sparco SPX is a good example of said type of seat.

The Sparco SPX seat represents the ultimate evolution of the sport seat. The SPX uses a combination of carbon fiber and advanced composites that give the driver both comfort and performance in a lightweight package. With the ergonomic shape of the carbon fiber backrest and the seating position of the RTM composite lower, the SPX holds the driver during extreme lateral forces and is comfortable for long road trips.

The SPX is covered in a combination of beautiful perforated and smooth Italian leather. The center of the SPX is covered in Alcantara suede to allow you to gain absolute control of your vehicle and enhance your driving experience. To finish off the performance look, all hand stitching is done in tone-on-tone black with the Sparco logo embroidered in matching black. The gloss finished carbon fiber backrest features a leather pull strap which releases the backrest to fold forward to allow access to a backseat or storage area. The backrest also features a micro adjustment knob that allows you to dial in the perfect driving position.

Along with the SPXs, the owner also had us install a set of the ever-so-popular KW Variant 3 Coilover System. These two major upgrades are sure to make any driver grin ear to ear on a Sunday drive or track session.


KW - Variant 3 (V3) Coilover System
Sparco - SPX Street Seat
SuperSprint Exhaust System
OEM M3 CSL Wheels