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  1. KW Adjustable Sleeve Over Kit Installed on F10 M5

    The KW adjustable lowering spring sleeve-over kit, which has been a popular suspension modification for the 1M & M3, is finally available for the F-chassis M5 & M6. Unlike standard lowering springs that drop a car by a preset amount, the KW sleeve-over kit gives the user complete control over the vehicle's ride height. And because this kit utilizes the OEM shock absorbers, it's substantially less expensive than a full coilover system and it retains EDC functionality. We installed this new sleeve-over kit on this Black Sapphire Metallic M5 and dialed in an aggressive, sporty ride height. While we were at it we also installed a full set of Macht Schnell wheel spacers; 12mm wide in the front and 10mm wide in the rear was just the right combination. The last item on the list for this F10 was a set of iND painted front reflectors, which successfully purged this M5 of its ugly orange reflectors.

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  2. Jerez Black E92 M3 from Pennsylvania

    One of our customers from Pennsylvania was kind enough to shoot and share these nice photos of his 2012 Jerez Black M3. With just a quick glance at the mod list, it's rather obvious that this ///M enthusiast is a carbon fiber fanatic. Carbon fiber components on this E92 include an Arkym front lip spoiler, an Arkym rear diffuser, a BMW Performance trunk spoiler, iND kidney grilles, iND side markers, EAS hood vents, Bimmian pedals, and of course, the OEM roof. For a more aggressive ride height, this M3 is lowered on H&R sport springs that drop the car by full inch in the front and just over half an inch in the rear. With the lowered ride height, the OEM ZCP wheels would have looked too "sunken-in" were it not for the Macht Schnell wheel spacers pushing them out to the edges of the fenders. Under the hood you'll find an aFe stage 2 intake system and dynamic air scoops, which are good for a bit of extra horsepower and a dramatically improved engine sound. The end result is a beautiful M3 that looks, feels and drives better than it ever did from the factory.

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  3. KW V2 Coilover Installed on Alpine White 428i

    Over the years we've shown you tons of BMWs (literally) that we've transformed with a lower ride height and a wider wheel base. The owner of this brand new Alpine White 428i recognized the need for these two modifications and drove to our facility straight from the dealership. Rather than opting for just a set of lowering springs, this F32 driver stepped it up to set of KW V2 Coilovers. Unlike lowering springs, these coilovers offer independently adjustable ride height as well as adjustable rebound dampening, which allows the user to dial in the perfect ride characteristics. Along with the new coilovers, we also installed a set of Macht Schnell Competition Wheel Spacers and performed a Performance Alignment Service. We also touched up the exterior a bit, by installing iND Painted Reflectors an BMW's Gloss Black Kidney Grilles. The finished result is a sleek and sporty coupe with improved handling.

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  4. Awron Gauge Installed in M235i

    Awron recently expanded their popular line-up of digital gauges to include the new 2-Series, 3-Series, 4-Series, 5-Series & 6-Series. As the exclusive North Amercian importer for Awron products, we are the first to get our hands on and install these beautiful OLED displays. Like many other M235i owners, Bimmerpost member "Brings" was frustrated by the lack of water temperature and an oil temperature gauges in his F22. The Awron DGA gauge provides an instant solution for both of these problems, while also displaying boost pressure, voltage, horsepower, torque, g-forces, velocity, 1/4 mile times, air-fuel ratios and much more! The whole package is contained in an OEM replacement vent assembly and seamlessly blends into BMW's interior design. The sharp, vivid, color display quickly cycles through the real-time data screens by toggling the cruise control switch. This gauge is a must for the track junkie or for anyone who wants to closely monitor their car's health an performance.

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  5. VMR V710 Wheels Installed on Estoril Blue 335i

    This Estoril Blue 335i M-Sport came to us for a new set of wheels and a drop. By far the most popular springs we install on the F30 are the H&R Sport Lowering Springs, and it's pretty easy to see why. Lowering the car by 1.3" in the front and 0.7" in the rear, the H&Rs give the 3-Series Sedan a sporty ride height as well as improved handling characteristics. To further improve the look and performance of the car, we installed a set of 19" Silver VMR V710 wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus V12 tires. Featuring a classic 7 split-spoke mesh design, the chiseled V710s offer their high-end, aggressive styling without breaking the bank. Providing the finishing touches on this F30 are a set of iND's painted front reflectors, which seamlessly blend with the OEM Estoril Blue finish.

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  6. BMW AHG M1

    Now, this is an awesome car. While the M1 is considered an icon, the M1 AHG is something truly special; only 10 were ever made. Built for BMW's drivers in the early 1980s, the AHG versions featured an exclusive ///M stripe paint job, wider fender flares, a 350hp engine and BBS wheels. This mint condition example from our friends at DC Motors has barely been drivien, with fewer than 5,000 miles recorded on the odometer. If you want to see this car in person, we'll be showing it in our booth at Bimmerfest on May 17th. If you can't make it out to the event, then these photos will have to suffice. Enjoy.

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  7. Moonstone Metallic Gran Coupe Gets Some More Carbon Fiber

    After having its stock chrome pieces swapped with iND painted replacements, this Moonstone Metallic M6 Gran Coupe returned to us for some carbon fiber. In the rear we installed the BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler, which really gave this F06 a sleek profile. We also installed iND's carbon fiber mirror caps for some additional contrast. These two subtle modifications actually do quite a bit to improve the aggressive style and high quality look of this beautiful M6.

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  8. Vorsteiner Lip & Diffuser Installed on Black Sapphire M6

    The last time we had this F13 M6 in our shop, we had the opportunity to install the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System. This time around, we adorned the exterior with some carbon fiber. Surrounding the polished titanium exhaust tips is the Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser, which features an aggressive finned design. In the front, the matching 1x1 carbon fiber Vorsteiner lip spoiler gives this Black Sapphire Metallic M6 a balanced, sporty look.

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  9. 120 Photos & Video from SHIFT S3CTOR Airstrip Attack

    Shift Sector 5 hit off with a blast! Coalinga, CA, April 19, 2014: EAS/ESS is back to sponsor Shift S3ctor's 5th event at Coalinga Municipal Airport. 1/2 mile, side by side racing event and trap speed competition make for a grueling match between horsepower, vehicle configuration and driver skill.

    This being EAS's 2nd time competing, we had a bit of experience from last year's event in October in the race for achieving even higher trap times. The car had to follow the same rules: it must be be driven to and from the event and retain street form (only backseat was removed). No trailer queens. With last year's trap speeds in the mid 150s, our goal was set. Plenty of competition was present from 1000+hp GTRs, 997s, Ford GTs, TT Gallardos, you name it. Even a Fiat 500 came to join the fun. Gusty headwinds of about 40+ MPH were coming in mid-afternoon.

    Then about mid-afternoon, our 2011 ESS VT2-625 M3 was able to pull a 162.2206 MPH time, already beating our best from last year. With DLSJ5's VT3-750 cracking a 174.12 MPH trap, a couple of records were set from ESS Supercharged M3s at the same event

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  10. Mode Carbon LM Series Diffuser for an Alpine White M3

    This Alpine White E92 is no stranger to us; during previous visits this M3 has been fitted with some quality modifications, including an Akrapovic Titanium GT4 Exhaust System and KW Clubsport Coilovers. This time around, our attention was primarily focused on the exterior. To go along with the BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler, we installed Mode Carbon's aggressively styled LM Series Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser. Featuring a sharper, more angular design than other carbon fiber diffusers on the market, the Mode Carbon LM Series diffuser helps this Alpine White M3 stand out from the crowd. On the inside, this M3 is fitted with Recaro Pole Position Seats and a BMW Performance Alcantara Steering Wheel. To tie the whole interior together, we installed a Macht Schnell MS97 Spec Shifter Knob for a true motorsport-inspired look and feel.

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