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  1. A Sinister M4

    This stunning Black Sapphire Metallic M4 swung by our facility this morning for a blackout package. In order to lose its chrome accents and unsightly orange reflectors, we installed iND painted kidney grille surrounds, iND painted side markers and iND painted front reflectors. With nothing other than these three basic modifications installed, this F82 has been transformed into one of the sleekest and meanest looking cars we've seen! Enjoy.

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  2. Mineral White M3 & Alpine White M4

    Our racecar building friends over at Racewerkz Engineering swung by our shop yesterday with their new Mineral White F80 M3 & Alpine White F82 M4. Naturally, the first order of business was to see how the M4 would do on our Dynojet dyno. Just like the Yas Marina Blue M3 we dynoed last week, this Alpine White M4 further proved that BMW has seriously underrated the F8X's horsepower claims. Even on a relatively hot and humid day for SoCal, the M4 recorded a very impressive 421whp and 410wtq STD. We didn't get a chance to dyno the M3, only because the motor was not yet broken-in.

    Next, we put both of the cars on our scales. It probably had more to do with varying fuel levels than anything else, but the carbon ceramic brake optioned M3 weighed in at 3562lbs, while the M4 was only 17lbs heavier.

    It was then time for some modifications. While the M4 chose to remain stock for now, we had the opportunity to install Macht Schnell 15mm front, 12mm rear wheel spacers and a Macht Schnell stud conversion kit on the M3. The spacers were just enough to give the M3 a proper stance, while the studs allow for quicker and easier wheel changes at the track. As always, we took a bunch of photos to show you nearly every step of the process. Enjoy.

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  3. Weistec Supercharged CLK63 AMG Black Series

    "What the Black does, then, is blend genuine red-eyed supercar madness with drip-dry everyday practicality. I'm completely in love with it." - Jeremy Clarkson

    If Clarkson's opinion means anything to you, then the fact that he actually owns one of these CLK63 AMG Black Series suggests this is one seriously good car. However, there are some owners that aren't completely satisfied with the performance AMG originally provided. Such is the case with this particular car. While at our facility we gave this Black Series a full Weistec overhaul; most notably, we installed the Stage 1 supercharger system. In its stock form, this CLK63 put down 418whp and 382wtq, but fitted with the CARB legal twin screw blower it recorded 523whp and 438wtq! To help the car transfer all its new power to the road we installed Weistec's rear suspension bushing upgrade kit, which consists of 32 Delrin replacement bushings for the entire rear suspension. Other Wiestec goodies we installed include a set of billet idler pulleys and a billet oil / air separator.

    Of the 500 examples produced, probably only a small handlful of these Black Series are pushing this level of power and performance. If Jeremy Clarkson fell in love with the stock version of this car, then we can only imagine what he would have to say about this beast. Enjoy.

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  4. Lowered F10 M5 on BBS CH Wheels

    This six-speed manual M5 came to us for some minor track prepping. Item number one on the list was upgrading the suspension. By installing a KW sleeve-over lowering kit and OEM BMW competition sway bars, we lowered center of gravity and firmed up the handling characteristics of this F10. Next, in order to protect its beautiful Singapore Gray paint job from high-speed rock chips, we wrapped several sections of the car with Expel Ultimate self healing paint protection film. Matte black BBS CH wheels shed a bit of weight while looking great. Tying the whole care together are iND painted kidney grilles, side markers, front reflectors and a trunk badge, which give this M5 its menacing style on both the street and track.

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  5. Black Chrome Niche Vicenza Wheels Installed on M3 Convertible

    You might remember this E93 M3 from a previous blog post, in which we installed quite a few high-end modifications and showed you how insanely loud this car was on our dyno. Well, this Alpine White M3 recently returned to our facility for a couple of changes. The first item on the list was the exhaust system. While it may have sounded awesome to us car enthusiasts, a collection of neighbors and some officers of the law tended to disagree. For the mean time, we swapped the mufflers back to stock to tone the car down a little bit. Next on the list were the wheels. Wanting something new and little different, the owner of this M3 opted for a set of Niche Vicenza wheels in a stunning black chrome finish. While these wheels aren't made specifically for the M3, we were able to dial in a perfect fitment using Macht Schnell 20mm spacers in both the front and rear. We're pretty sure this isn't the last time we'll be seeing this aggressive convertible, so stay tuned to see what might be next for this car!

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  6. McRae Splitters Installed on Monte Carlo Blue M5

    Modeled after the BMW Performance front splitters for the E9X M3, the RKP McRae Splitters are a perfect addition to the front of any F10 M5. We installed a set of these carbon fiber splitters on this Monte Carlo Blue LCI and the fitment was absolutely spot on. To balance the car out, this M5 also features the BMW Performance trunk spoiler in a matching 2x2 carbon fiber weave. BMW's gloss black kidney grilles and a set of custom matte black finished wheels provide a dark and sporty look for this subtly modified M5.

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  7. Yas Marina Blue F80 M3 on our Dyno

    Here's what we've all been waiting for! This being the first F80 at our facility, we decided to inspect this Yas Marina Blue M3 on a lift, weigh it on the scales and strap it to our dyno. We love everything about this car, but we did happen to notice that the wheels were quite sunken in. To correct this problem we immediately installed 20mm Macht Schnell spacers in both the front and the rear, pushing the wheels out to their proper position without causing any rubbing. On the scales, this F80 weighed in at 3590lbs with a nearly 50/50 weight distribution. The dyno numbers are what really impressed us, though. BMW claims this motor makes 425hp and 406lb-ft tq at the crank; on our Dynojet this M3 recorded 424hp and 425lb-ft tq at the wheels! Oh yeah, it actually sounds pretty good too check out the dyno video below to hear it for yourself. We took a ton of photos to give you an up-close and personal look at this beautiful F80, so take a few minutes to soak it all in and enjoy.

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  8. Triple Black F13 on F14s

    Black exterior, black interior, black wheels; this F13 is a stealth jet for the street. In order to create this dark M6 we installed a set of gloss black 20" Forgestar F14 wheels, which are a perfect match for this car. Just check out how the concave spokes mimic the reflections of the sky that are also in the body. iND painted reflectors, kidney grilles and side markers further darken this Black Sapphire coupe by eliminating the original chrome trim and orange reflectors. Even with only a few basic modifications, this is probably one of the sleekest M6s on the road.

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  9. Tasteful M3 Sedan on Umber Gray ZCP Wheels

    Now here's a fantastic example of an M3 that is both unmistakably unique and tastefully built. Featuring refinished Umber Gray ZCP wheels (wrapped in wide AD08 tires) and a KW adjustable sleeve-over lowering kit, this E90 has certain "motorsport" look to it. Take a closer look at the wheels and you'll see some nice little details like a Macht Schnell stud conversion kit along with Project Kics R40 lug nuts. A sensible dosage of carbon fiber, found in the front splitters, front CRT lip spoiler, mirrors and trunk spoiler, provides the Alpine White exterior with a bit of contrast. The interior also features carbon fiber pieces, as well as a BMW Performance steering wheel, shift knob and e-brake handle. Gloss black kidney grilles and Alpine White side markers, both painted by iND, along with a matte black AE Performance exhaust system provide the finishing touches to this elegant M3.

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  10. Granatrot Red E9 3.0CS

    It's not very often that we get to work on classic BMWs, but we certainly enjoyed lowering this 1974 3.0CS on B&G S2 sport springs! Take a moment to look over this mint condition Granatrot Red E9 and it's sporty new stance. Enjoy.

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