EAS had a special guest come by to get some power figures both before and after a mod and some personalization coding.

The highly anticipated F87 M2 was a sight to behold, especially in the well marketed Long Beach Blue Metallic paint color as seen on other vehicles like the X5M. A big question that comes to mind for many BMW enthusiasts is; how much horsepower can the M2 put down to the wheels? At the crank, the 3.0L 6-Cylinder Turbo N55 motor outputs 365hp. Taking some runs on our dyno, the M2 put down a range of about 353-360hp, meaning that the M2 has an ever so slight power loss from crank to wheel. The factory exhaust system has an excellent tone at all levels, especially when the valve opens up. After some dyno runs, we brought the F87 over to the coding bay for some personalization coding. Soon we will post a video of the runs which includes power output of the M2 after a downpipe install, but in the meantime, check out our Instagram for so aggressive exhaust revs and a quick glimpse of the dyno sessions!

Performance Design Unlimited Catless Downpipe
Personalization Coding