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  1. 2018 Fire Orange F80 M3 ZCP, Part 2 - BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Splitters

    2018 Fire Orange F80 M3 ZCP, Part 2 - BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Splitters

    The last time this Fire Orange car was here it received a set of Macht Schnell Wheel Spacers. It has gone through a few more changes since then, chiefly carbon fiber aero trim from BMW M Performance. OEM always tends to fit these cars the best so we couldn't fault the owner for being a bit of a purist! M Performance's carbon fiber trunk spoiler, mirror caps and rear diffuser added some aggressive accents to this fiery sedan. But besides the blacked out kidney grilles, the front end was still looking tame compared to the considerably more aggressive rear. That's where we came in by installing carbon fiber upper and lower splitters, also from M Performance. These splitters look so right and are so popular with our customers that it's becoming very rare to NOT see them on an F8x car! With the exterior now very much on point, the owner expressed some interest in getting a louder exhaust which definitely sets the stage for this Fire Orange beast's next eas visit...

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  2. Long Beach Blue Pearl F87 M2 - BMC, KW Suspension, VR Speed Factory

    Long Beach Blue Pearl F87 M2 - BMC, KW Suspension, VR Speed Factory

    When a driver modifies their suspension for the first time, more likely than not, they will opt for simple lowering springs. That's a perfectly sensible solution for the average driver. The more enthused drivers opt for complete coilover systems. Such systems offer way more points of adjustability and more potential than just springs but are also considerably more expensive. KW's HAS Sleeve-Over kit is a great compromise between the two extremes as it allows you to height-adjust each corner individually. This M2 was on just lowering springs before but came by to upgrade to the HAS kit.

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  3. Interlagos Blue E46 M3 Competition - Recaro Sportster CS

    Interlagos Blue E46 M3 Competition - Recaro Sportster CS

    Seats really do make the car. A high quality reclining seat from a company such as Recaro is oftentimes a major upgrade from your average factory seat with squishy bolsters and a lack of back support. A great example of said seat is Recaro's Sportster CS. The Sportster CS is inspired by motorsport seat design with an integral headrest that features harness pass-throughs and aggressive bolstering. The design is good blend of luxury and sport and would look right in almost all performance cars. Recaro seats not only hug you firmly during high performance driving but they can also keep you nice and comfortable during road trips. Recaro seats are designed to align the spinal cord in its most natural position. The driver's back muscles will actually become more relaxed the longer they sit in the seat.

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  4. 2018 BMW i3s

    2018 BMW i3s

    The i3 was always quick and nimble for what it was--a compact EV primarily designed for urban travel (with a range-extender option for folks who need to drive some more). The i3s is the newest iteration of the eco-pocket rocket. Power has been bumped up to 184 HP and 199 ft-lbs (compared to the 170 HP/184 ft-lbs of the standard model). Top speed has been increased from 93 mph to 99 mph. 0-60 times have also dropped from 7.3 seconds to a 6.9. It's certainly no M2 or M3 in regards to speed or power it's still a decent amount of car for the average driver. While the i3s may seem underwhelming for most performance junkies, it does offer a look into the future of alternative-fuel performance cars.

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