2018 Alpine White F80 M3 ZCP - Moton Suspension & Titan7 Wheels

The M3 has always been a do-it-all car. M3 drivers utilize their car in a variety of ways--As a daily driver, weekend car, track car, and sometimes even as a rally car. In stock form, the F80 M3 excels at all 3 of those roles but with a couple of key upgrades, it can play those roles even better. This F80 M3 received 19'' Titan7 T-S5s, a very strong, forged and lightweight option. Along with the shiny new T-S5s, we also installed a set of Moton 2-Way Coilovers.

The Moton Sport damper features 15 positions of bump adjustment on the remote reservoir and 15 positions of rebound on top of the piston rod. Each adjustment done to the damper is very noticeable to the driver. Our Sport dampers are designed to be uncomplicated, easy to use and to deliver the absolute best performance. The Sport dampers perform really well at low speed as well as high speed velocities which gives you total control regardless of the conditions. The reservoir is connected by a high pressure hose and is equipped with swivel banjo’s for easy installation of the canisters in the car regardless of the position. The damper bodies are produced from the highest quality steel or aluminum. The shaft are induction hardened and chrome plated. The canister pressure can be varied between 6 - 18 bar (100 - 300 psi) to help support the car in high speed cornering with soft springs.

With lightweight forged wheels and a more sophisticated suspension setup, this M3's driving feel and handling capabilities are at a whole new level!


Moton - 2-Way Sport Adjustable Coilover System
Titan7 - T-S5 Forged Wheel Set (19'')