2018 Hockenheim Silver F87 M2 Competition - BMW M Performance Suspension & Lightweight Front Lip

It's not an uncommon occurrence for customers to come into our shop to get front lips and splitters replaced. Especially if they drive a lowered car. Just one unfortunate moment of carelessness can be enough to say good-bye to a carbon fiber front lip! Front lips from Lightweight are a popular solution for those who go through front lips like they go through brake pads and tires. Despite their name, Lightweight front lips are sturdy, heavy-duty units made of a durable material. These lips are nearly unbreakable, making them pair very well with lowered cars. The lip itself has a clean, non-busy styling and helps optimize the aerodynamic balance of the vehicle it is installed on.

Along with the Lightweight lip, this M2C's owner had us install the
BMW M Performance 2-Way Coilover System For the first time ever, BMW M Performance is offering a fully height adjustable coil-over suspension system with independent bump and rebound adjustments. With spring-rates that are approximately 40% stiffer than stock, you can be sure that the M Performance Coil-over Suspension system will turn any road into your personal playground.


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