2019 F90 M5 - 20'' Titan7 T-S5 (Wicked Black)

20'' Titan7 T-S5s are now available! These wheels were a long time coming, more than a few F90 M5 requested a Titan7 option for their super sedan. Exclusive to the F90 M5 specification (20x10 ET22 & 20x11 ET30) is the new Wicked Black finish. The glossy finish of these forged wheels sure contrast nicely with the matte black wrap that this M5 Competition is rocking. While these wheels fill the fenders of the F90 rather well, some lowering in the front will make it look even nicer...


Titan7 T-S5 (Wicked Black, 20x10 ET22 & 20x11 ET30)