2019 Hockenheim Silver F87 M2 Competition - Titan7 T-S5s

Titan7 T-S5s are now available in M2 Competition spec! The M2C comes from the factory with a massive pair of front calipers and 405mm rotors so this called for a different-sized 19'' wheel. These wheels still net major weight savings over OEM wheels with due to Titan7's 10,000-ton fully-forged construction. And with M2C-tailored fitment, one will be able to utilize wider grip tires in the rear for better traction with the S55 motor's power. Along with the KW Clubsport Coilovers, this properly upgraded M2C ought to be a very exciting car to wring out on the track!


Acexxon - Honeycomb Rear Reflector Inserts - BMW F87 M2
KW - Clubsport Coilover System - 2 Way Adjustable
Titan7 - T-S5 Forged Wheel Set