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  1. 2020 F87 M2 Competition - Mishimoto Performance Intercooler Power Pack

    2020 F87 M2 Competition - Mishimoto Performance Intercooler Power Pack

    The Mishimoto Performance Air-to-Water Intercooler Power Pack counters the weaknesses in the BMW S55’s design, starting with the charge pipes. Cracking under pressure or splitting at the seams are common problems with factory plastic charge pipes. These can result in less than ideal situations as you pilot your M2 Competition, M3 or M4. We created a brand-new design for the charge pipes that inspire more confidence in handling the boost pressure. Our design features a full aluminum construction with a cast midsection designed specifically to squeeze past the intake. Our charge pipe kit also includes a pair of matte black silicone couplers for a sleek and secure connection to the intercooler.

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  2. F87 M2 - BimmerWorld TA5R Wheels

    F87 M2 - BimmerWorld TA5R Wheels

    BimmerWorld is extremely proud to release these fully featured flow-form wheels for street and race and everything in between. Stronger than what's currently on the market but at fighting weight to compete with the best out there. And with massive caliper clearance that doesn't need spacers.

    The TA5R uses the latest flow-form manufacturing process to produce a light weight, strong, BMW track wheel with huge caliper clearance for street, track, autocross, and racing use. The TA5R borrows many design elements from our forged TA16 wheel but in a more economical price range. Compared to other flow-formed wheels on the market the BimmerWorld TA5R is a similar weight but stronger, with better caliper clearance, and at a similar price point.

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