Here at EAS we have been pretty busy on the coding side of things! This coding varies from basic servicing, personalization coding, to even LCI retrofit and Flash coding. Do you have a check engine light or a light caused by another modification like seats or exhaust? At EAS we can read an trouble codes that your car is throwing as well as code most features out of your car to get rid of that pesky light in your dash.

Our primary trouble code reader is an Autologic Diagnostic Scanner. The Autologic diagnostic tool for BMW vehicles is without doubt the most comprehensive tool to be made available to independent BMW specialists. Autologic BMW is unique in offering full fault code read and re-set, full component activation, electronic control unit procedures, clearing and setting of adaptation values, full coverage of (ECU) control units coding, full programming capability including engine control modules and transmission control modules, adjustment of engine idle, real-time reading of all dynamic data, procedure for engine and immobilizer alignment, procedure for trial substitution of control units and procedure for the fitting of BMW accessories. The Autologic Optical Interface has been designed to program the CCC-A control units on BMW. Connecting directly to the fibre optic MOST bus, the Autologic Optical Interface is able to communicate with CCC-A, CCC-BO, CCC-ASK, CCC-ANT, ULF TCU and MASK ECUs. The Autologic Optical Interface significantly reduces the time to program these control units and further increases the reliability and recoverability of flash updating these control units.

Various coding options involve:

Retrofit Options:
- LCI Taillight Retrofits
- Park Distance Control (PDC) Retrofits
- Halogen Highs enabled with Xenon High Beams
- OEM Alarm Coding
- iDrive CCC-CIC Conversions/Upgrades
- FRM3 Module Upgrade/coding
- Sirius Radio Retrofits
- IBOC HD Radio Coding
- Heads Up Display (HUD)
- CD CHanger, iPod/MP3, Dension & mObridge Coding
- Bluetooth

RaceCar / Track Preparation Options:
- Remove TPMS
- Race Seat Coding/Recaro Coding
- EDC Delete (for coilover setups)
- Airbag deletes for vehicles with roll cages
- Remove Headlamp Washer System

CBS Coding Options:
- Flash Programming
- Dealer level ECU Software Coverage
- ECU Trial Substitution
- Quick Test & Quick Clear
- Fault codes timeline report
- CBS: Condition Based Service reset and error correction
- Retrofitting of BMW accessories and extras
- Car/Key Memory Function for personalizing vehicle

Service Options:
- Module Troubleshooting
- Reset Adaptions
- Module value Monitoring
- Value Reporting (Fuel Pressure, Ignition Advance, etc)

BMW Dealer-Level Module Updates:
- Individual Module Updates, including Engine ECU, TCU/ULF/mULF and iDrive
- MKIV, CCC & iDrive OS updates

And much, much more!

Angel Eye Brightness Coding:

Amber Corner Delete Coding: