If the S65 V8 of the E9x M3 has one main weakness, it's the rod bearings. While it's not very common for the S65's rod bearings to fail, it's not at all a bad idea to replace them. We offer a rod bearing service that employs WPC-treated factory S65 rod bearings. The motorsport-derived treatment offers a considerable reduction in friction and an increase in durability for the rod bearings. The WPC treatment virtually eliminate the S65's main weakness.

Along with replacing the factory rod bearings with the upgraded WPC-ed units, we will also perform these services:

- Install Upgraded Connecting Rod Bolts
- Inspect Rod Journals
- Inspect Oil Pump nuts
- Inspect Clean/Flush Oil Pan for debris
- Collect Oil Sample for Analysis
- Autologic QuickReport (determines required updates & scheduled maintenance)
- One-on-One inspection report

The owner of this E92 M3 received our rod bearing service as well as upgraded brake pads, replacement brake pad sensors, stainless steel brake lines and a brake fluid flush. With around 60,000 miles on this particular car, the original rod bearings showed normal wear. But with the WPC-ed bearings, the owner will have peace of mind! It wasn't all just maintenance work for this M3 though as it also received an Eisenmann Race Exhaust, an ESS Tuning E-Flash ECU Performance Software Cable and KW Variant 1 coilovers!

Cool Carbon - Street Performance / Track Tuned (S/T) Brake Pads - Front
Cool Carbon - Street Performance / Track Tuned (S/T) Brake Pads - Rear
Eisenmann - Performance Exhaust System (Race Sound)
ESS Tuning - E-Flash ECU Performance Software Cable
Goodridge - G-Stop Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit
KW - Variant 1 (V1) Coilover System
S65 Rod Bearing Service
WPC - Surface Treated Rod Bearings