The last time this carbon-fed M2 was at EAS, it received a variety of upgrades including an Akrapovic Exhaust System and an RKP Carbon Fiber Roof Panel. RKP was back on the menu as this M2 owner's tasked us with installing the RKP Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser. Like all RKP products, this carbon diffuser is of high quality and looks like a factory component as RKP strives to keep congruent with BMW's design language. The diffuser also only uses existing mounting points and hardware so it will require no modification to the rear bumper to install. While the car was in our shop, the owner also bought painted front reflectors and a painted rear badge for his well-loved M2.

It is not only on the exterior that carbon fiber resides on this car. Since this car's last visit to EAS, it has also gained a Japanese-made GruppeM Carbon Fiber Ram Intake. GruppeM is known worldwide for the unmatched quality of their intake systems. GruppeM intakes are durable, lightweight, and have perfect fitment. The GruppeM design and materials also allow the air that is fed into the engine to resist heat, allowing for optimal performance.

What's next for this carbon-hungry M2? A carbon fiber front lip or trunk spoiler won't be a bad idea...

Akrapovic - Evolution Titanium Exhaust System
BMW - Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles
Gruppe M - Carbon Fiber Ram Air Intake System
iND - Painted Front Reflector Set
iND - Painted Trunk Emblem
KW - Clubsport Coilover System
RKP - Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
RKP - Carbon Fiber Roof Panel