Alpine White F87 M2 CS - BMW M Performance Suspension & Ultimate Clutch Pedal

The M2 Competition is a very potent machine by most people's standards. But what about for the people who desire something more powerful and sharper? That's where the M2 CS model comes in. The CS has 40 HP over the Competition (450 vs 410), features Adaptive M Suspension and a carbon fiber roof like its bigger sisters, the M3 and M4. Other differences over the Competition include a vented carbon fiber hood and lightweight seats that are found in the M3/M4 Competition. As the final hurrah for the F87 generation, the owner of this CS opted to have the best possible model. This Alpine White car was specced out to look as good as it drives. Bright gold 763M wheels house the massive gold M sports brakes.

The owner of this CS also opted for the driving purist's choice--a 6-speed manual. To enhance the feel of the 6MT, we installed the Ultimate Clutch Pedal--which is an all-aluminum short-throw unit that completely replaces the OEM plastic pedal arm. A shorter clutch pedal stroke and a more solid construction improves driving feel and overall enjoyment of the car. The user is also able to adjust the spring pressure for a more positive return. We also installed the M Performance HAS Suspension kit, which allows for height adjustability and offers improved performance over the stock springs. A solid start to a very elegant and drive-able build.