A few months ago, an Alpine White F86 X6 M came by to get a smorgasbord of mods done to it. Carbon fiber parts from RKP, blacked-out accents from iND and an Akrapovic exhaust system accentuated that specific vehicle's fierce nature. It was inevitable that an F85 X5 M would want a similar set of upgrades. This Alpine White F85 was bone stock before rolling into EAS, but that changed after our technicians got to work on it. Nearly every badge, emblem and odd bits of trim were replaced by blacked-out ones. A set of carbon parts from RKP; their bumper inserts, front lip and rear diffuser were also installed. To complete this car's session, a beautiful Akrapovic Evolution Titanium exhaust replaced the stock unit. The F85 is a practical family hauler that has devastating cross-country pace right out of the box. But with these new mods, it'll look and sound better while laying rubber down.

Akrapovic - Evolution Titanium Exhaust System
iND - Painted Trunk Emblem
iND - Black Chrome Roundel Trim
iND - Black Chrome Trunk Emblem
iND - M Performance Front Grille Set
IND - M Performance Side Grille Set
iND - Painted Front Reflector Set
iND - Painted Trunk Roundel Trim
RKP - Carbon Fiber Bumper Inserts
RKP - Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler
RKP - Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser