As technology progresses and the advancement of electrical systems and energy efficiency become well spread, BMW’s “i” program turns in to something extraordinary.

For the city the BMW i3 is a great machine that will get you where you need to go. Seeking efficiency, looks, and performance? BMW developed the i8 with all of these in mind. The design of the car in its entirety is streamflow and is dedicated to reducing drag. Vents actively open and close to provide additional cooling, reduce drag, and improve the vehicles overall dynamics, making for an efficient ride. Sweeping body lines with short overhangs and defined lines give the appearance of an always forward moving vehicle. It’s hard to get over the allure of the scissor doors that make the i8 a one of a kind vehicle on the road.

4.2 seconds is all it takes to reach 60 miles per hour. With the electric motor mounted in the front and the 3 cylinder turbo motor in the back, all-wheel drive performance at significant figures of 357 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque are more than enough to get around. Just how far? For city purposes, the i8 can get the driver about 76 miles on electric only power. Switch on the gas motor and the mileage moves to a sizeable 330 miles total range.

Being the most progressive sports cars on the market, the BMW i8 packs tons of futuristic styling with also tons of modern features. How about going beyond the features though? EAS is the number one Southern California coding facility and we offer multiple different coding options for the BMW i series vehicles. Keep an eye out for a video on these various available features, but in the meantime enjoy the details of this stunning i8!

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