The E89 Z4 was unfortunately never blessed with a full-fledged M model. That fact is a real shame since the E89 Z4 GT3 was a race-winning car. A road-going model with traits of that race car is something many enthusiasts around the world had desired for some time. There were M-Sport models sold but those ultimately lacked the characteristics that truly defined an M car: Superior power and handling.

The owner of this E89 decided to do something about the handling portion and brought it in to our shop for a laundry list of upgrades. The front upper and lower control arms were replaced with OEM E9x M3 units for crisper handling. H&R front and rear sway bars and Sport springs were put in to lower the ride height, stiffen the suspension and reduce body roll. Turner Motorsport Adjustable rear camber arms were installed for a high range of adjustment and further handling improvements. To round everything off, 19'' OEM wheels of the F8x chassis were fitted with Continental ExtremeContact DW tires. These upgrades combined completely transformed the handling behavior of this Z4 from that of a normal BMW to one more in line with a true M car.

H&R - Sport Lowering Springs
H&R Performance Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit
BMW F8x 19'' OEM Wheels
BMW E9x Front Upper And Lower Control Arms
Turner Motorsport Rear Adjustable Camber Arms