Jerez Black is a bit of a misnomer. It's a color that looks black from afar but it's actually closer to a dark blue when viewed up close and under good light. This metallic hue is definitely one of the coolest paint options of the E90 era and it looks even better on a lowered body. This Jerez Black E92's driver was in need of a more aggressive stance and better driving dynamics so he had us install Swift Spec-Rs on his M3. The Spec-R Springs offer a 1'' drop in the front and a 0.7'' drop in the rear, making it a moderate yet noticeable drop compared to stock. The ride quality is still daily driver friendly and the handling characteristics are better than ever. This black-blue coupe looks even more stunning now that it sits closer to the road.

BMW - Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles
iND - Painted Reflectors
Macht Schnell - Competition Wheel Spacer Kit (15mm front, 12mm rear)
Swift - Spec-R Sport Lowering Springs