Jet Black E92 M3 - ESS Tuning G1 Supercharger System

Our E92 M3 project is now a host to the new ESS Tuning G1 Intercooled Supercharger System! Prior the the install of the supercharger, the only mechanical modification done to the S65 of our M3 were Macht Schnell Bypass Track Pipes and a Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake Charge Kit. Bolting on the G1 supercharger with the 96.5mm pulley had our M3 go from 377 WHP/279 WTQ to a whopping 548 WHP/366 WTQ! Dyno sheets are near the bottom of the of this post.

We have received many inquiries about the power differences between the new G1 system and the older Vortech-based VT2-625 kit. In terms of numbers, not that much honestly. An S65-equipped M3 with the VT-625 kit and Macht Schnell test pipes makes 540 WHP/357 WTQ on our dynojet, a difference of 8 WHP and 9 WTQ. The differences between the two kits are less about numbers but more about details and refinement.

Improvements over ESS's older Vortech-based supercharger systems include:

1. Virtually silent operation
2. Both 91 & 93 octane pulleys included
3. Redesigned Heavy-Duty mounting bracket /idler system
4. ~15 lb weight reduction from VT2/Vortech based systems.
5. ~10-20 ft/lb gain in torque from VT2/Vortech based systems
6. Power consistency after numerous dyno pulls
7. Improved supercharger vent system. No more S/C fluid seepage under high Gs
8. Direct bolt-in upgrade path in G1+/G2.

For existing users of the VT-625, it may be harder to justify an upgrade to a G1 system. But for an owner of an E9X M3 that has yet to be supercharged, the G1 system would be the way to go!


ESS Tuning - S65 G1 Intercooled Supercharger System
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