You’ve seen an X5M with an Eisenmann Performance Exhaust, how about an Eisenmann Race Exhaust this time?

As mentioned before on our post with the Black Sapphire Metallic X5M, there are two distinct sound levels up for grabs when looking at Eisenmann exhaust systems for the F8X X5M/X6M. Variants include the sport or the race versions. Equipping this stunning Long Beach Blue Metallic X5M (with matte clear wrap) with the race version really brought the X5M to life. A deep growling snarl and ear blistering sound resonates from the exhaust as your body shakes. Be warned, with catless downpipes the Eisenmann Race Exhaust is not for the faint of heart. It may be tolerable at first, but the system has race in its name for a reason.

Eisenmann Sport/Race Exhaust:
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