It is not uncommon to see BMWs finished in black, white, silver or grey. Those 4 paint options are probably the most common paint finishes one sees on most cars on the road for that matter. One can't blame most people for picking silver or black since they are more likely to fly under the radar. It's more uncommon to see cars sold in actual colors like red, blue or yellow. It takes a bolder personality to rock bright red on a BMW and it seems that the owner of this Melbourne Red F30 is clearly bolder than most!

The owner decided it was time for a new set of shoes and opted for VMR's popular V701s. But they didn't go with a typical grey or silver finish for the wheels either--the chosen finish was the bold Sunken Treasure! VMR's Sunken Treasure finish really sparkles in the sun, changes hue depending on viewing and angle and honestly isn't for everyone but for this car and its driver, it was a very discerning choice. The bright yellow M Performance calipers also look right at home behind the sparkling spokes of these wheels.

BMW - M Performance Exhaust System
BMW - M Performance Brake System (Yellow)
iND - Painted Kidney Grilles
iND - Painted Front Reflectors
VMR - V701 Wheel Set (Sunken Treasure finish)