Standing out from every other car in the crowd is easy when it’s an individual F80 M3. Featuring an extremely rare color, hardly seen on previous BMW models, Messing (Brass) Metallic is a sight to behold. BAVSOUND ordered the M3 and was slightly discouraged after almost a 6 month wait for the car to arrive. Once told that their car was ready for pickup 3 days before a previously promised date, Bavarian Soundwerks was thrilled. “It was quite exciting as both the exterior and interior choices were made “blind”. We had never seen the color in person, so we had to trust our gut instinct and google images that it would work as well as we thought it would.”

BAVSOUND is right when they said that the colors and combination are beyond pleasing. Messing Metallic is a very dynamic color, “having a grey undertone containing a touch of blue, with a green mid tone, and very apparent gold highlight when reflecting the sun or other bright light sources. It is also referred to as Brass Metallic and it's easy to see why. It truly is a color that needs to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated.” While Bavarian Soundwerk's car may be Messing Metallic, they're certainly not messing around when it comes to making some of the best audio products for your BMW. BAVSOUND’s Stage 1 Premium Speaker Upgrade Kit is no joke! Experience the difference today with an installation here at European Auto Source!

BAVSOUND Stage 1 Premium Speaker Upgrade Kit