Chances are that if you read this blog on a daily basis, then it's pretty safe to assume you're a hardcore BMW enthusiast. If you're a hardcore BMW enthusiast, then you have definitely fantasized about moving to Germany, building a super badass M3 race car and then regularly thrashing it on the Nurburgring. In reality, most of our BMWs will remain street legal, and the closest many of us will ever get to driving on the Nurburgring is through an Xbox. However, one of our customers in Germany is fortunate enough to live out this remarkable fantasy.

This E92 M3 has been built to be the ultimate Nurburgring track car. While we're not entirely sure about every detail that has gone into its construction, we do know that it features a fully stripped and caged interior, an Akrapovic exhaust system, a GT4 lip, a GTS spoiler, two Recaro seats, Schroth 6-points harnesses, an OMP steering wheel, KW 3-Way Adjustable coilovers, solid subframe bushings, a 4:10 differential, StopTech brakes, a CAE shifter, a Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake, Macht Schnell Pulleys, M24 carbon fiber doors, Stack gauges and square Apex EC-7 wheels wrapped in 265/35 Michelin Cup tires. Watch this M3 in action in the video below; it takes a properly built car along with finely honed driving skills to record an amazing 7:27 lap around the Ring. Enjoy.