1. Space Gray 135i and StopTech Sport Brake Upgrade Kit

    This OEM+ 1-er receives a simple yet effective upgrade in deceleration.

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  2. Matte Black ARC-8s on Space Gray 135i

    Needing some new tires for his 135i, this owner decided he might as well upgrade his wheels and suspension as well. Wanting both great looks and improved performance, we installed a set of lightweight matte black 18" APEX ARC-8 wheels, weighing in at only 18.1lbs in the front and 18.2 lbs in the rear. We wrapped these wheels in some Hankook V12s, which perhaps the most cost effective high-performance rubber available right now. Finally, to complete the look and further improve the handling of this E82, we installed a set of H&R springs which lowered the car 1.8" in the front and 1.2" in the rear.

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  3. Frozen Black 135i on APEX EC-7 Wheels

    This unique Frozen Black painted E82 135i came by our shop to ditch the stock wheels and get a set of APEX EC-7s. Featuring a 7 double-spoke design, the EC-7 is available in a wide variety of sizes, including E82 1-Series fitment options. Weighing in at only 20.75lbs for the front and 21.55lbs for the rear, these APEX wheels are substantially lighter than the OEM wheels and give this 135i a whole new aggressive look.

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  4. Track Ready TiAg 135i

    The small and torquey 135i makes it a great candidate for a dual purpose street and track car. While it may handle decently from the factory, the more experienced track enthusiast will usually require more from the suspension. This 135i is built to increase its handling performance. With its high-end Ohlins coilovers, lightweight APEX wheels and super sticky Hankook tires this E82 is ready to put down some lap times.

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  5. EAS Project E82 135i

    One of the most fun to drive project cars that we've ever built was this 2008 E82 135i. With its short wheel base, stiffened suspension, sticky tires, race seats and tons of power (432hp & 453 lb-ft at the wheels), this N54 powered 1-series was a monster on the road!

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  6. Black E82 135i w/ ST Coilovers & Berk Full Sport Exhaust

    This 135i came to our facility to have a set of ST Suspensions coilovers installed to both sharpen up the handling and give the car a sportier stance. As you can see from the pictures, the car was instantly transformed and given a much more aggressive look the second it came off our lift. To further improve the sportiness of this E82 we installed Berk Technology's popular full sport exhaust system, bringing this N55 to life.

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  7. Berk Technology 135i Race Car on Forza 4

    Berk Technology has one of the coolest 135i race cars around. Someone took a lot of time making this car in Forza 4, and it really shows; it looks nearly identical to the real thing. Pictures are courtesy of amnPhotography.

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  8. White on Orange 135i

    After we finished installing a set of downpipes on this 135i, the evening lighting was perfect for a quick photo session. White on orange isn't a common color scheme, so I couldn't resist the urge to snap a shot with one of our employees GSX-R 750 wearing the same colors.

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