1. E91 M3?

    These days you don’t have to look hard for a custom ride. Car modifying has been around for years and as technology advances, so does the automotive aftermarket industry. Although, sometimes a build isn’t constructed with entirely aftermarket parts. As a matter of fact, some builds are pieced together to be made in to another model within the same manufacturer!

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  2. Spacers for a Deep Green E90

    As far as we can recall this is actually the first Deep Green BMW that we've had at our facility. Like all BMWs, this 325i was in desperate need of some wheel spacers. In order to get the stock 17" wheels to fill out the fenders, we installed a set of Macht Schnell 15mm spacers in the front and 20mm spacers in the rear. Just by pushing the wheels out to their proper place, this uniquely colored sedan has dramatically improved its look.

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  3. Mr. 5's Black E36 325i

    Anyone who takes a single look at this car would instantly say that it's an E36 M3 sedan. Not so. This is actually a 325i bought at an auction for only $2300! Since then it has been continually upgraded and maintained by Mr. 5 to get to it's current M3-like status. Scroll down to see a list of just some of the work that's been done.

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