For the E36, E9X and the upcoming F8X chassis, BMW decided to offer the M3 in three varieties: a coupe, a convertible and a sedan. For some reason though, BMW ditched the two extra doors and built only coupe and convertible models of the E46 M3. However from 2003-2006, the final years of the E46's production run, BMW built this: the 330i ZHP. The ZHP was the absolute closest thing you could get to an E46 M3 sedan. It featured a tuned engine that revved higher and made more power than the standard 330i, a tighter ratio steering rack, firmer and lower suspension, 18" style 135M wheels, an M-tech II body kit, and unique "cube" interior trim along with a few more upgrades.

If we're comparing the ZHP and M3 side by side, the elephant in the room is the nearly 100hp difference between the two. This 2004 Jet Black 330i ZHP came to our facility to finally level the playing field by having us add some boost. In its stock form, this E46 put down 196whp and 195wtq SAE on our Dynojet. After we installed the ESS Twin Screw Stage 1 supercharger system, the same car recorded 262whp and 236wtq SAE; that puts it right smack in the middle of M3 territory! The ESS kit is also incredibly stealthy and unassuming; most people wouldn't look twice unless someone pointed out the kit hiding in the engine bay. With its newly found 133% increase in power, this 330i ZHP sleeper isn't exactly an M3, but it will certainly give one a run for its money.

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