The last time we had this M3 on our dyno it put down an astonishing 658whp and 455wtq. While most M3 owners (or most car owners for that matter!) would be perfectly content with squeezing such high numbers our of their motor, M3Post member DLSJ5 was not. Upon his return we learned that a new, slightly smaller blower pulley had been installed to bring his ESS Supercharger System up to 13.5 PSI.

Running such high boost paid off, with the best dyno run of the morning recording a mind-blowing 703whp and 478wtq! Fun fact: that's about twice as much as what a stock M3 does on our dyno. A supercharged M3 with 550whp already feels neck-snappingly fast; we can only imagine how hard this monster pulls with an additional 150whp. Be sure to watch the video of the dyno run to get a sense of the insane amount of power this car puts down.

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