1. KW HAS & Advan GT Wheels Installed on Alpine White F80

    The super popular Height Adjustable Lowering Spring Sleeve-Over kit from KW is now available for the F8X M3 & M4! Just like a coilover set-up the KW HAS kit allows for independent ride-height adjustment, but because it utilizes the OEM shocks it costs a fraction of the price. This Alpine White F80 came to us to have this kit installed and dialed-in for a sporty, aggressive drop. Combined with a set of lightweight matte black Advan GT wheels, this low & wide M3 sedan gives off a whole new attitude.

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  2. Track Prepped Space Gray E92 M3

    Many of our M3 customers are regular attenders of the track. For these cars the modification process is purely functional, with the primary goal being quicker lap times and a more responsive car. Suspension, brakes, wheels & tires are generally preferred over carbon fiber pieces, lighting and even power modifications. While a bone stock M3 does well on a race track, it certainly helps to stiffen and lower the suspension, reduce weight and add grip. This is an example of such an M3.

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  3. Blast from the Past: 2009 SEMA Build

    Here's our SEMA build from 2009: a 2008 Alpine White E92 M3 6SPD. Scroll down to see the huge list of modifications that we installed on this car just in time for the show.

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