air intake

  1. Convertible M4 gets Dinan Intake

    Dinan products are known for having great build quality as well as proper functionality.

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  2. Frozen Red Metallic E92 M3 - For The Show

    Offered in three different colors, frozen painted E92 M3 Coupes are quite rare, with only 150 Frozen Edition cars built for the US market in 2013. Among the three options, Frozen White is said to be easiest to find, followed by Frozen Blue, and the hardest Frozen Red. Of course the Frozen White is still a rare sight considering the number of E92s out there. Frozen edition cars like this came with a $15,400 premium over the base M3s, which seems pricey, but considering the $5000 paint job, $2500 competition package, EDC and DSC sport mapping, $4350 Premium Package, among other smaller upgrades like gloss black kidney grilles and black exhaust tips, the money is well put in to the car.

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  3. Alpine White F80 M3 - Macht Schnell and Injen Intake

    Injen Technology has been known for their quality performance air intake systems and has been a favorite among the F8X BMW group. An air intake system is a relatively quick modification for quick performance increases. Delivering more air that is colder and denser to the engine, for potentially massive boosts in horsepower and torque, the driving excitement level changes indefinitely. With an increase in throttle response, and not to mention sound, you won’t be able to get over the sheer sound of air rushing through the intake in to the engine. Other enjoyable features of the intake system are the improved gas mileage and upgraded look of the engine bay, with the walls separating the air filters from the engine, assuring cooler air be taken in.

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