Shift Sector 5 hit off with a blast! Coalinga, CA, April 19, 2014: EAS/ESS is back to sponsor Shift S3ctor's 5th event at Coalinga Municipal Airport. 1/2 mile, side by side racing event and trap speed competition make for a grueling match between horsepower, vehicle configuration and driver skill.

This being EAS's 2nd time competing, we had a bit of experience from last year's event in October in the race for achieving even higher trap times. The car had to follow the same rules: it must be be driven to and from the event and retain street form (only backseat was removed). No trailer queens. With last year's trap speeds in the mid 150s, our goal was set. Plenty of competition was present from 1000+hp GTRs, 997s, Ford GTs, TT Gallardos, you name it. Even a Fiat 500 came to join the fun. Gusty headwinds of about 40+ MPH were coming in mid-afternoon.

Then about mid-afternoon, our 2011 ESS VT2-625 M3 was able to pull a 162.2206 MPH time, already beating our best from last year. With DLSJ5's VT3-750 cracking a 174.12 MPH trap, a couple of records were set from ESS Supercharged M3s at the same event

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