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  1. Jet Black E90 M3 - Titan 7 T-S5 Machine Black

    Jet Black on Machine Black!

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  2. Space Grey E92 M3 - The Weekend Racer

    When tracking a car there are many components that can determine your lap time. Maximizing speeds in the corners, having the power to get up to speed on a straight, and most importantly, braking for corners, other drivers, or in emergency situations are some of the biggest factors. Since the owner of this M3 loves to take it out on the track, a brake upgrade was necessary. Equipped with an AP Racing brake system, this M3 doesn’t have to worry about brake fade or not being able to stop. Size matters when on the track because of the heat that is disbursed throughout the rotors when applying the brakes. Comparing the AP Racing BBK (Big Brake Kit) to the OEM equipment, the AP Racing BBK front calipers contain 6 pistons and slotted rotors versus the single piston and solid rotor from the factory.

    To lose some weight and also increase grip the owner decided on Apex ARC 8 Wheels and Nitto NT01 Tires 275/35/ZR18 Front and Rear. Increasing performance slightly with its AFE Carbon Intake and Vorsteiner Type 1 Exhaust, this M3 for sure gives a good yet responsive exhaust note. Entering the car, the driver is immediately reminded that they are in an M Performance vehicle because of the M Performance Steering Wheel and stitching on the handbrake.

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  3. Jet Black E90 M3 on F8X 513M Wheels

    This elegant M3 sedan is modified where it counts. Replacing the stock wheels are a set of Style 513M wheels from an F80 M3, which weigh only 19lbs for the fronts and 21lbs for the rears. Behind the 18" wheels are AP Racing big brakes mounted up to a set of KW V3 coilovers for optimal braking and handling performance. Inside, an M Performance Alcantara steering wheel and Pedal Haus aluminum pedals provide both a sportier look and feel every time the car is driven. The body has been kept simple, with just a Challenge carbon fiber race trunk, iND painted reflectors and BMW gloss black kidney grilles adorning the exterior. Enjoy.

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  4. Supercharged Sedan Track Machine

    While this Silverstone M3 may be pretty, it isn't out to grab your attention, it's out to pass you. Considering it's fitted with an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system and an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust, it really won't have much of a problem blowing by most cars on a straightaway. Even so, this E90's primary concern isn't all about straight line performance, it's about fast lap times.

    Top of the line JRZ RS Pro coilovers give this M3 its exceptional handling performance, while AP Racing front & rear big brake kits provide lap after lap of fade-free stopping power. A set of APEX ARC-8 wheels wrapped in sticky rubber are used when at the track, but in its street mode this E90 runs the stock ZCP wheels. For its most recent visit to our shop, we took this M3 to the next level of track performance by installing Powerflex Race bushings in the subframe and differential. These hard compound polyurethane bushings eliminate unwanted movement and deliver more power to the tarmac, providing extremely planted and confident driving dynamics.

    Just by looking at it, this subtle M3 won't give you much indication of what's underneath, so consider yourself warned now in case you happen to encounter this sedan on either the street or track. Enjoy.

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  5. Source Code - A European Car Magazine Feature

    Make sure to grab the latest issue (April 2014) of European Car Magazine to check out our 5-page article! Featuring our supercharged Z4M and supercharged E92 M3, the article gives an inside look of what we do here. We were given the opportunity to take the photos ourselves, so we took the cars out to El Mirage Dry Lake Bed and got lucky with the most beautiful sunset anyone could ask for. For your enjoyment we've posted some of the photos, but be sure to grab a hard copy of the magazine too!

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  6. Super Clean Jet Black E46 M3

    With just under 25,000 miles on the odometer, this mint condition 2004 M3 is like a time capsule. The 10 year old Jet Black paint is mirror finish perfect, the interior is absolutely pristine and even the undercarriage looks brand new. This E46's condition alone would make it worthy of admiration, but it also happens to feature some sweet modifications as well. Giving this M3 is sporty ride height and handling is a set of KW V3 coilovers and the new Yokohama ADVAN AD08R tires. Adding to the dark personality of the car is a set of 18" Volk TE37 wheels in matte black, whose offsets are dialed in using Macht Schnell wheel spacers. Lurking just behind the JDM wheels are the high performance AP Racing brakes, which boldly make themselves known by their bright red calipers. Dinan components include an intake, strut bar and exhaust, while AC Schnitzer parts decorate the interior. Enjoy.

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  7. VT2-625 Space Gray M3

    If you've ever been to our shop, then you've probably seen this Space Gray E92 M3 parked in front. Being our third project E92 M3, we decided to do things a little bit differently this time around. Unlike our previous Alpine White project E92, which was essentially a street-legal race car, this M3 is much more of a sleeper.

    Exterior modifications are limited to matte black kidney grilles & fender gills, IND painted reflectors and a Duke Dynamics trunk. Lowered on KW Clubsport coilovers and pushed out with Macht Schnell spacers, the stock 18" wheels house a set of AP Racing brakes which have been custom painted for a subtle appearance. Lurking under the hood is an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system combined with an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system, which is good for over 560hp at the wheels. Inside, an Awron Kompressor 1 digital gauge display, the BMW Performance steering wheel and a set of BMWPedals billet DCT shifter paddles dress up an otherwise stock Speed Cloth interior.

    The end result is a very fast and very comfortable M3 that doesn't boast about it. If you ever want a ride, just let us know!

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  8. Interlagos Blue VF620 M3 Sedan at Sonoma Raceway

    This frequent customer of ours and the owner of this Interlagos Blue E90 M3 is addicted to track days. When this car first came into our shop it was in 100% bone stock form; that same day we installed a 620hp supercharger kit. Since then we've seen this car slowly evolve into the subtle, purpose built track-day/daily-driver machine that it is now. Equipped with a set of high-end and exclusive JRZ coilovers, super lightweight 10" wide APEX wheels, ultra sticky Hankook Ventus TD tires, powerful AP Racing brakes and Vorshlag adjustable camber plates, this is one of the best feeling M3's we've had the pleasure of driving. Here are some photos by Cali Photography from a recent track day event at Sonoma Raceway. Enjoy.

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  9. Black E90 M3 on HRE P43SC Wheels

    This daily driven Jet Black M3 sedan features a comprehensive list of high-end modifications. Behind the highly concave 19" HRE P43SC wheels are a set of AP Racing brakes in a subtle textured black finish. Aiding this car in its stance while drastically improving handling performance are the KW V3 coilovers. For some additional power, a VF620 supercharger system combined with the Akropvic Evolution Exhaust lurks beneath the hood.

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  10. Our Project M3 gets the ESS VT2-625 Supercharger

    The ESS VT2-625 Supercharger replaces the previous VF620 system for 2013. With all the ESS systems we've been installing in the past 8 months, we needed to have one of our own to put to the test. With a heavy track schedule planned for this year, we should be made aware of what this kit is made of.

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