1. Howie's VF620 M3 Gets AP Racing Brakes

    The last time Howie brought his E90 M3 to us, we installed a VF620 supercharger system for a massive boost in power (620hp, 400tq). This time around we balanced the supercar power with a full set of AP Racing brakes for supercar stopping performance. These high performance brakes eliminate fade, improve pedal feel and look awesome while they're doing it.

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  2. Space Gray M3 with Custom Orange AP Racing Brakes

    Installing a big brake kit on an M3 really helps to add a some super-car style points as well as some super-car performance points. These custom orange AP Racing brakes (AP7100 6-piston 368mm front, AP7150 4-piston 356mm rear) do a great job of adding a bit of accent coloring to the otherwise monochrome exterior. This particular M3 uses these brakes how they were meant to be used; frequent race track visits put these performance brakes up to the test.

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