1. M2 or M235i?

    With the release of the new BMW M2, enthusiasts are unsure of what the car is really capable of. Sure, there are videos out there comparing the car to the M4 like on Motortrend’s YouTube channel, but there is no comparison between watching a video and actually driving the car. Recently we had a build come to EAS that just might be equal if not better than the M2!

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  2. Jet Black E91 328i Gets Supercharged

    Don't be fooled by the wagon body and roof rack, because at its core this 328i is a true driver's car. Equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission, ST coilovers, APEX wheels and a custom catless exhaust system, this Jet Black E91 came to us in a search for more power. In its naturally aspirated form this car put down 229hp and 211ft-lbs tq at the wheels during its first dyno session. To bump those numbers up, we installed the just released ESS N52 supercharger system. Once everything was bolted-on and the ECU was flashed we strapped it down to our dyno for a second time, where it recorded 288hp and 247ft-lbs tq! That's a 25% increase in power to the wheels. To put those numbers in perspective, we've seen E46 M3s put down nearly identical figures on the very same dyno; in fact when our technician test drove it, he commented that it felt almost exactly like an E46 M3. With its new-found sleeper power, sporty looks and undeniable utility, this is probably one of the coolest BMWs we've worked on. Enjoy!

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  3. Sleeper 335i Gets APEX ARC-8 Wheels

    This clean Alpine White 335i came to our facility for a set of new wheels. Wanting an option that was both strong and lightweight, the owner of this E90 decided on the popular 18" APEX ARC-8s. Featuring classic CSL styling and a beautiful hyper silver finish, these flow formed ARC-8 wheels were the perfect choice for this sedan. You wouldn't think so just by looking at it, but this subtle E90 is actually putting down 438hp & 471ft-lbs tq at the wheels; those numbers are actually higher than the F8X M3s & M4s! Because of this we mounted up some sticky Michelin PSS tires, which are the very same ones you'll find on a new F8X. With its long list of unseen modifications and a new set lightweight wheels, this sleeper sedan is ready to run on the street or track. Enjoy!

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  4. sillieidiot's Alpine White E46 330Ci

    E46Fanatics member sillieidiot has been bringing his Alpine White 330Ci to us for the past 5 years now. During that time, we've seen this E46 change, grow and evolve into the car that it is today. Recently he stopped by for an alignment service, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to grab some new photos. Featuring a lengthy list of modifications including things like a carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber trunk, AST coilovers, APEX ARX-8s and OEM M3 exterior components, this highly customized 330Ci has successfully maintained a clean, yet head-turning style. Take a look below at the photos and the full list of modifications to get some appreciation of all the work that went into building this car. If you want to dive even deeper, then check out silieidiot's very own build thread on E46Fanataics. Enjoy!

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  5. Phoenix Yellow M3 Subframe Reinforcement

    Perhaps the most dreaded common issue with the E46 M3 is the failure of the rear subframe mounting points. Over time, due to the constant forces that are transferred through the subframe, the body's sheet metal mounting points are weakened and eventually begin to crack. Given enough time a subframe mount might completely fail, which will very negatively affect the car's handling and power delivery.

    Upon inspecting this Phoenix Yellow M3, we discovered substantial cracking on one of its subframe mounting points. To fix the problem and ensure that this will never happen again, we performed our subframe reinforcement service. By removing the subframe, repairing the damage and welding on steel reinforcement plates, the subframe is given a much stronger and resilient mounting surface that ever before. While we had everything taken apart, this M3 also received stiffer polyurethane bushings for the subframe, differential and rear trailing arms.

    Now that this M3 has been repaired, reinforced and stiffeded up, it can finally head to the track without any worries.

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  6. Black ARC-8 Wheels on a Black M3 Sedan

    A new set of wheels and tires does a lot to change the look and handling of a stock M3. This Jet Black sedan came to us wanting to replace its OEM ZCP wheel & tire set-up with a lighter, stickier and more aggressive set-up. To achieve this we installed an 18"x10.0" square set of APEX ARC-8 wheels wrapped in 275/35/18 Dunlop Direzza ZII tires, giving this E90 both its wide stance and improved grip. Because these flow-formed APEX ARC-8s weigh in at only 19.95lbs each, almost 6lbs less than the ZCPs, they are easily one of the most popular track wheels that we sell. Take a look below at what a set of these CSL inspired wheels does to an otherwise stock M3.

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  7. Estoril Blue E36 M3

    Recently acquired from Washington, the new owner brought this 1998 Estoril Blue E36 to us for new wheels and new suspension. We installed the adjustable KW V2 coilovers along with a set of lightweight 18" APEX ARC-8 wheels wrapped in new tires for dramatically improved handling performance. With it's sporty ride height, concave CSL inspired wheels and super clean exterior, this 2nd generation M3 still looks and drives great even after 16 years.

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  8. 2013 Mineral White M3 Gets a Supercharger and More

    When it comes to modding a car, you either install one modification at a time or you do it all at once. This brand new stock 2013 Mineral White E92 came to us for the complete package. By the time we were finished with it this M3 was fitted with an 625hp supercharger system, bypass track pipes, a modified muffler, matte black exhaust tips, carbon fiber exterior pieces, a new steering wheel set-up and a set of 18" wheels. The finished result is a super clean, super fast and super loud M3 that retains its OEM daily-drivability and comfort.

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  9. Matte Black ARC-8s on Space Gray 135i

    Needing some new tires for his 135i, this owner decided he might as well upgrade his wheels and suspension as well. Wanting both great looks and improved performance, we installed a set of lightweight matte black 18" APEX ARC-8 wheels, weighing in at only 18.1lbs in the front and 18.2 lbs in the rear. We wrapped these wheels in some Hankook V12s, which perhaps the most cost effective high-performance rubber available right now. Finally, to complete the look and further improve the handling of this E82, we installed a set of H&R springs which lowered the car 1.8" in the front and 1.2" in the rear.

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  10. Interlagos Blue VF620 M3 Sedan at Sonoma Raceway

    This frequent customer of ours and the owner of this Interlagos Blue E90 M3 is addicted to track days. When this car first came into our shop it was in 100% bone stock form; that same day we installed a 620hp supercharger kit. Since then we've seen this car slowly evolve into the subtle, purpose built track-day/daily-driver machine that it is now. Equipped with a set of high-end and exclusive JRZ coilovers, super lightweight 10" wide APEX wheels, ultra sticky Hankook Ventus TD tires, powerful AP Racing brakes and Vorshlag adjustable camber plates, this is one of the best feeling M3's we've had the pleasure of driving. Here are some photos by Cali Photography from a recent track day event at Sonoma Raceway. Enjoy.

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