1. Vorsteiner Lip & Diffuser Installed on Alpine White F80

    In its final visit to our shop before SEMA, this Alpine White F80 project finished up with some exterior carbon fiber. Wanting to match the OEM 1x1 carbon fiber roof panel, this M3 sedan opted to get Vorsteiner's new lip and diffuser installed. Both pieces feature exceptional design and styling; you can tell every curve and detail were purposefully created to flow with the car's aggressive lines. Especially against the Alpine White paint, the carbon fiber really pops! We're pretty sure this car is turning a lot of heads at SEMA right now, so take a look below and enjoy!

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  2. Wheels, Brakes & Exhaust for an Alpine White F80

    With SEMA just around the corner, this Alpine White F80 came to us for some last minute modifications. Having previously installed the KW HAS lowering spring kit, it was time for us to install some new wheels and brakes. For maximum stopping power and fade-free performance at the track, this F80 opted for a Brembo GT big brake kit; 6-piston calipers in front, 4-piston calipers in the rear and massive 380mm j-hook rotors all around. Next, we mounted up a set of 19" black chrome Forgestar F14 wheels. Their iconic super deep concave spokes really give a car a wide stance and they do a great job of showing off the yellow Brembos. Last but not least, we cut out the stock exhaust's rear section and replaced it with the Arqray stainless steel system, which features beautiful torched titanium tips. Combined with the low ride height and gloss black trim, the new wheels, brakes and exhaust make this one seriously mean looking sedan. Enjoy!

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