ast 4100

  1. Supercharged TiAg E46 M3 on 57 Motorsport Wheels

    If angular, concave wheels are your thing, then the 57 Motorsport G07EX wheels by Rays Engineering are probably right up your alley. This Titanium Silver E46 M3 features a super aggressive set finished in Matte Black for an extremely low and wide stance. The open face spoke pattern shows off the bright red Brembo brakes that lurk behind. This car also combines plenty of "go" with the "show", as it is equipped with a VF Engineering VF570 supercharger system under the hood.

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  2. A Clean and Unique TiAg E46 M3

    It's refreshing to see an M3 that breaks the mold while remaining clean and composed. This 570hp supercharged E46 features a long list of desirable modifications, including Recaro racing seats, AST coilovers, Brembo brakes and a full supersprint exhaust system. The unique gold HRE 501 Vintage Series mesh wheels dominate the exterior of this car, giving it a fresh and aggressive look. Details like neochrome lug nuts, yellow headlights, an M stitched handbrake and carbon fiber pieces all come together perfectly to make this E46 M3 truly one of a kind.

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  3. VF570 Supercharged TiAg E46 M3

    This Titanium Silver M3 came to us for a major performance overhaul. Now this M3, which once had only 333hp, makes 570hp! Even though the last E46 was made about 6 years ago, we're confident that this M3 with these high-end modifications will put up a tough fight with almost any new sport car on the market, including the latest M3.

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