This past weekend we took our supercharged M3 and supercharged Z4M out to New Coalinga Municipal Airport for the Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack. The two day event consisted of ½ mile side-by-side racing and trap speed competition on the closed-down runway. The turnout was phenomenal, ranging from several supercharged M3s, tuned AMGs, 1500whp Gallardos, 1300whp Ford GTs, 1000+whp GT-Rs, Ferrari F430s, an Aventador and many, many more modified cars. While our Z4M & M3 were consistently able to record speeds in the mid 140s and mid 150s respectively, the real show stopper was a black Underground Racing twin-turbo Gallardo, which recorded an astonishing 224mph. Finishing off the weekend was a truly unique (and entertaining) race between a food truck, fire engine, tow truck and even an RV pulling a 3-car trailer. As always, we took plenty of photos to share with everyone who wasn't lucky enough to attend. Enjoy.

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