azurite black

  1. Azurite Black M5 on VMR V710s & H&R Springs

    Everyday for the past few months we've seen this Azurite Black F10 M5 parked directly across the street from us. We've always been mildly fascinated with this particular M5, because it's the only one we've ever seen without the Shadowline window trim! After some time, the owner finally made the 50 foot trek over to our shop for a new set of wheels and lowering springs. We installed a set of 20" gunmetal VMR V710 wheels along with a set of H&R sport lowering springs, resulting in a clean and subtle F10. This M5 will be displayed at VMR's booth tomorrow for Bimmerfest, so be sure to check it out!

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  2. Lowered & Widend Azurite Black F10 M5

    With just a few simple tweaks, you can really improve the look of a stock F10 M5. Lowering the car by 1.0" in the front and 0.6" in the rear, the H&R Sport Lowering Springs are the perfect remedy to replace the "off-road" look with a true sports car ride height. Further aiding this car's sporty look are the Macht Schnell wheel spacers, which push the wheels out to the edge of the fenders for a wide, aggressive stance. Last but not least, we treated this M5 with IND's painted kidney grilles, side marker gills and reflectors for a cleaner, sleeker appearance.

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  3. Azurite Black F10 M5

    As the new F10 M5s are being delivered to their owners we are beginning to see more and more of them come to our shop. This particular M5 featured the BMW Individual paint color Azurite Black and the luxurious extended leather interior. For its first visit this F10 showed off its muscle on our dyno and got some DVDinMotion coding.

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