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  1. 2020 Alpine White F82 M4 - BBS Wheels, CSF, Eventuri, Evolution Racewerks, Remus, KW Suspension

    2020 Alpine White F82 M4 - BBS Wheels, CSF, Eventuri, Evolution Racewerks, Remus, KW Suspension

    It's always cool to see a customer who likes do to a lot of things in one go. The owner of this lucky M4 is certainly one of those customers. They had an eye for detail and color coordination, so lots of carbon fiber and painted parts found their way into the engine bay. The white painted engine cover along with the white CSF Top Mount Dual-Pass Charge-Air-Cooler contrasts nicely with the attractive weave pattern of the carbon fiber Eventuri Intake System. It wasn't only the visuals that got love, audio came in the form of a Remus Sport Slip-On Exhaust, one of the finest sounding systems available for the S55. To finish off the engine bay, a set of Evolution Racewerks Charge Pipes, were added to provide both bling and durability.

    On the exterior, BBS LM-R wheels provide the performance and racing heritage along with KW's HAS Height Adjustable Lowering Spring Sleeve-Over Kit. Dinmann carbon fiber fenders, matched to the body color also snuck their way in. A great start to a very detail-oriented build!

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  2. Estoril Blue Metallic F30 340i - BBS LMs & M Performance

    Well-thought-out mods make for a well-looking car.

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  3. Frozen Red Metallic E92 M3 - For The Show

    Offered in three different colors, frozen painted E92 M3 Coupes are quite rare, with only 150 Frozen Edition cars built for the US market in 2013. Among the three options, Frozen White is said to be easiest to find, followed by Frozen Blue, and the hardest Frozen Red. Of course the Frozen White is still a rare sight considering the number of E92s out there. Frozen edition cars like this came with a $15,400 premium over the base M3s, which seems pricey, but considering the $5000 paint job, $2500 competition package, EDC and DSC sport mapping, $4350 Premium Package, among other smaller upgrades like gloss black kidney grilles and black exhaust tips, the money is well put in to the car.

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  4. Alpine White 1M gets Brembo Brakes

    This Alpine White baby M car returned for some big boy brakes. Having previously been here for exhaust, coilovers, wheels and exterior mods, it was finally time to add the finishing touch to this built E82. Opting for a set of red Brembo GT brakes with 380mm Type 3 rotors, this 1M not only looks amazing, but it will probably pull your face off under hard braking. Enjoy!

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  5. E46 330i ZHP Gets Supercharged

    For the E36, E9X and the upcoming F8X chassis, BMW decided to offer the M3 in three varieties: a coupe, a convertible and a sedan. For some reason though, BMW ditched the two extra doors and built only coupe and convertible models of the E46 M3. However from 2003-2006, the final years of the E46's production run, BMW built this: the 330i ZHP. The ZHP was the absolute closest thing you could get to an E46 M3 sedan. It featured a tuned engine that revved higher and made more power than the standard 330i, a tighter ratio steering rack, firmer and lower suspension, 18" style 135M wheels, an M-tech II body kit, and unique "cube" interior trim along with a few more upgrades.

    If we're comparing the ZHP and M3 side by side, the elephant in the room is the nearly 100hp difference between the two. This 2004 Jet Black 330i ZHP came to our facility to finally level the playing field by having us add some boost. In its stock form, this E46 put down 196whp and 195wtq SAE on our Dynojet. After we installed the ESS Twin Screw Stage 1 supercharger system, the same car recorded 262whp and 236wtq SAE; that puts it right smack in the middle of M3 territory! The ESS kit is also incredibly stealthy and unassuming; most people wouldn't look twice unless someone pointed out the kit hiding in the engine bay. With its newly found 133% increase in power, this 330i ZHP sleeper isn't exactly an M3, but it will certainly give one a run for its money.

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  6. Yas Marina Blue F10 M5 by iND

    Whenever our friends from iND pay us a visit, we just know we're in for a real treat. The day before Bimmerfest, the guys from Chicago dropped by our facility with this absolutely stunning Yas Marina Blue F10 M5. We've actually had this M5 at our shop last year, but you definitely wouldn't recognize it now. Instead of a hardcore track-prepped car that featured racing seats and a roll bar, this F10 is now focused on the street. Cosmetic changes include a Yas Marina Blue paint job, two-tone pin striping, a full LCI conversion, BBS LM wheels, painted OEM brake calipers and a black thermal coated Eisenmann exhaust system. The 3D Design carbon fiber side skirts, rear diffuser and front lip spoiler remain unchanged. Inside you'll find the stock interior decorated with an Alcantara steering wheel, carbon fiber trim (complete with a Yas Marina track outline), billet aluminum pedals and custom colored floor mats. This M5 also gained some ponies since the last time we saw it, as it is now fitted with an AMS turbo upgrade and AMS catless downpipes. This M5 was the center piece of iND's Bimmerfest booth this year, but in case you missed it then take a break and check out these photos. Enjoy.

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  7. Alpine White 1M Prepped for Bimmerfest

    Here's yet another car that will be displayed at this upcoming Bimmerfest. Featuring an ///M stripe color scheme like the one on the AHG M1 that will be in our booth, this Alpine White 1M is dressed to impress. Modifications on this E82 include Ohlins coilovers, BBS LM wheels, an Akrapovic / Berk Technology exhaust, Macht Schnell downpipes and several carbon fiber pieces by BMW & Scorpp Design. For all of you non-Californians who can't make it out to the show, these photos will have to do. Enjoy!

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  8. Cleanly & Aggressively Modded E92 M3

    This Alpine White M3 coupe came to us for an exhaust and suspension upgrade. The first item we installed on this E92 was the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System, which not only makes a fantastic sound, but also increases power and decreases weight. The laser engraved titanium tips also do a much better job of filling out the Arkym Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser. More carbon fiber is found in the Arkym trunk, the hood, the front lip and custom headlight housings. Next we replaced the stock suspension with the KW V3 Coilover System, allowing us to dial in the perfect ride height to show off the beautiful BBS LM wheels. Speaking of the BBS LMs, take a close look at the awesome matching red BBS Racing Lugs. IND painted reflectors along with black side marker gills and kidney grilles get rid of the stock orange & chrome pieces. The end result is a cleanly and aggressively modified E92 M3.

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  9. M-Sport 335i on BBS LMs

    The BBS LM has been one of the most popular BMW wheel choices for years, and it looks like they'll continue to be. Featuring a 20" set mated with KW V2 coilovers, this Alpine White F30 M-Sport combines classic styling with a modern stance. The BMW Performance brakes, lip, spoiler, diffuser and mirrors give this 335i some additional performance and a sportier look. IND painted kidney grilles and reflectors provide the finishing touches on this car.

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  10. LeMans Blue VT1-445 Supercharged E46 M3

    This clean LeMans Blue E46 M3 came to us in pursuit of more power. Before we did anything, we strapped it to our Dynojet to get a baseline read. In its naturally aspirated state this M3 put down 263whp and 223wtq SAE, which is average for these cars. After we finished installing the ESS VT1-445 Supercharger System we did another dyno session to see the results. Although the VT1-445 is ESS' entry level system, this M3 still managed to put down 361whp and 266wtq. Thats almost a 100whp gain and it now makes more torque than it did power when NA.

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