1. Bimmerfest 2016

    Bimmerfest, sponsored by ESS Tuning this year, was taken to the next level for 2016. For the first time ever the event spanned over two days instead of one, at the fitting Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

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  2. 300 Photos from Bimmerfest 2014

    Here's some pretty comprehensive coverage of Bimmerfest 2014! Enjoy.

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  3. Bimmerfest 2013 Photos & Video

    Here's a video and a bunch of photos from Bimmerfest 2013! Enjoy.

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  4. Nearly 200 Wallpaper Size Bimmerfest 2012 Photos

    This past Saturday was Bimmerfest 2012: the event where thousands of BMWs and the country's leading manufactures and vendors all get together for a single day in Pasadena. We teamed up with VF Engineering to create one of the largest booths while showing off several beautiful supercharged M3s. Take some time to browse these photos and get a feel for what the event was like. Enjoy!

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  5. Bimmerfest E36 M3 gets a VF Supercharger System


    Our friend Jon Shafer from the Bimmerfest organization (the company behind the best BMW shows in the US) has owned a ’99 E36 M3 for the last seven years. In his own words he “needed to perk up” his relationship with the car. So after fantasizing about a VF-Engineering supercharger at Bimmerfest for the past few years, he went ahead and had European Auto Source in Anaheim, CA install the conversion.

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