bmw 1m

  1. Black Sapphire E82 1M Coupe & HMS-Tuning Exhaust

    A turbocharged rarity.

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  2. Gruppe M Carbon Fiber Intake Installed on a 1M

    This Alpine White 1M is certainly no stranger to our shop. Over the last year and a half, we've seen this E82 start from scratch and end up as the highly modified car you see today. In its most recent visit, we had the opportunity to install the beautiful Gruppe M ram air intake system. Manufactured in Japan using 100% 1x1 weave carbon fiber, the Gruppe M intake is designed to capture the maximum amount of air while keeping temperatures down. The new airbox houses a large high-flow K&N air filter that further increase flow efficiency and captures contaminants. The whole intake system also looks stunning once installed, giving the finishing touch (for now) to this great example of a 1M. Enjoy!

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  3. Alpine White 1M gets Brembo Brakes

    This Alpine White baby M car returned for some big boy brakes. Having previously been here for exhaust, coilovers, wheels and exterior mods, it was finally time to add the finishing touch to this built E82. Opting for a set of red Brembo GT brakes with 380mm Type 3 rotors, this 1M not only looks amazing, but it will probably pull your face off under hard braking. Enjoy!

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  4. 1M gets Ohlins Coilovers and BBS FI Wheels

    This Alpine White 1M Coupe is certainly no stranger to our shop; the last time it was here we installed a full Akrapovic titanium exhaust system. This time we focused on the suspension, wheels and engine. First on this E82's list was installing the Ohlins DFV Road & Track coilovers, which lowered the car to a more aggressive ride height, improved the handling performance and maintained an acceptable level of daily driver comfort. Next we mounted up a set of 19" BBS FI wheels, which are almost certainly the most coveted wheels among the BMW community, along with an MRG titanium racing stud conversion kit. Under the hood, we swapped out the OEM intercooler with a much larger Forge Motorsport one and installed an Evolution Racewerks diverter valve charge pipe, both of which will work to improve the twin turbos' power delivery. Along with the carbon fiber Akra tips, this 1M's exterior is also adorned with a BMW Performance spoiler, Vorsteiner diffuser, Lightweight Performance front lip and an iND Painted cosmetic package. On the inside, a BMW Performance electronic steering wheel brings the whole car together. Enjoy.

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  5. Alpine White 1M Prepped for Bimmerfest

    Here's yet another car that will be displayed at this upcoming Bimmerfest. Featuring an ///M stripe color scheme like the one on the AHG M1 that will be in our booth, this Alpine White 1M is dressed to impress. Modifications on this E82 include Ohlins coilovers, BBS LM wheels, an Akrapovic / Berk Technology exhaust, Macht Schnell downpipes and several carbon fiber pieces by BMW & Scorpp Design. For all of you non-Californians who can't make it out to the show, these photos will have to do. Enjoy!

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  6. Akrapovic Exhaust Installed on Alpine White 1M

    As one of the rarer BMWs made in recent years, it's a nice treat when we get to modify a 1M. This particualr Alpine White example came to us for a full exhaust system and some dyno testing. The Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system is made entirely of lightweight titanium (with carbon fiber tips), and features an optional wireless exhaust valve for on-the-fly sound adjustments. Combined with Akrapovic's stainless steel catless downpipes, the whole exhaust saves over 25lbs and gives the N54 powerplant new life. In stock form, this 1M recorded 322whp and 349wtq; with the new exhaust set-up, it recorded 343whp and 365wtq. A stock 1M is by all means and awesome car, but when this one left our shop it was lighter, louder and faster.

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  7. Valencia Orange E82 1M on our Dyno

    Seeing only one year of production, the smallest member of the M series is one of the rarer BMWs in recent times. Seeing this cleanly modified Valencia Orange 1M on our dyno was a treat for us. Equipped with exhaust, suspension, cosmetic parts and wheels, this E82 was ready to tie everything together with a tune. After flashing an ESS tune to the car's ECU, this 1M picked up an additional 21hp and 30tq for a total of 370hp and 413hp at the wheels. With its short wheel base, wide stance, low weight and loads of torque, this 1M can pick fights with cars twice its size.

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  8. Vorsteiner 1M Coupe Photoshoot

    Vorsteiner sent us the latest photos of their 1M, which features VS-340 3-Piece Wheels, a GTS-V Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid, a GTS-V Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser, a GTS-V Sport Exhaust and B&G S2 Lowering Springs. Take a look below and download the hi-res images.

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  9. Vorsteiner 1M Studio Photo Shoot

    EAS, in a series of vehicles being wrapped up before Bimmerfest and a premier partner with Vorsteiner, is proud to be among the first to release the 1M Coupe GTS-V aero program. The Vorsteiner 1M will feature a carbon fiber front spoiler with integrated brake duct system and a carbon fiber rear diffuser replacement with extended aero fins and signature GTS-V designed splitters.

    Another element made out of carbon fiber is the lightweight boot lid replacement with integrated wing profile element. For those looking for extra punch and improved acoustics, the 1M GTS-V features a catback titanium-tipped sport exhaust system, with dyno results following shortly after the event.

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  10. Alpine White E82 1M w/ BBS FIs, Brembos & KWs

    Just because it's the smallest member in the M family doesn't mean it can't run with the big boys. The owner of this Alpine White 1M proves this by choosing only to install the highest end products available. Some of the mods on the list include: Polished BBS FI wheels, red Brembo GT brakes all around, KW V3 coilovers and Macht Schnell spacers. Up next on the list is the yet to be released Akrapovic titanium exhaust- we can't wait to see and hear it!

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