bmw euro bumper

  1. ESS VT2-625 Supercharger for a Highly Modified M3

    We featured this Alpine White M3 on our blog last year and noticed that that it quickly became a fan favorite. It's pretty easy to see why. After all, it isn't everyday you see an M3 with an Akrapovic GT4 exhaust system, a VRS System 1 diffuser, BBS FI wheels, Brembo brakes, KW Clubsport coilovers, a Mode Carbon lip and Recaro Pole Position seats. Just when you thought this BMW was as good as it gets, we went ahead and made it better. During it's most recent visit to our facility we installed the ESS VT2-625 supercharger system and introduced this E92 to a whole new world of power. With the supercharger system installed, this M3 picked up 170 horsepower at the wheels and made as much torque as it did power when it was NA! Because this M3 is already equipped with upgraded brakes, wheels and suspension, the neck-snapping acceleration will fit right in.

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  2. M3 with Akra GT4 Exhaust & BBS FI Wheels

    Showing off Akrapovic's top of the line titanium exhaust system and BBS' top of the line forged wheels, this 6SPD manual E92 M3 is a clean, hardcore machine. For even more power and a a louder exhaust note, we replaced the standard Akrapovic high-flow catalytic converter x-pipe with the GT4 catless version. KW adjustable sleeve-over springs paired with 19" BBS FI wheels give this M3 its wide and low stance. In the front, a BMW Euro bumper completely eliminates the OEM reflectors while a Vorsteiner carbon fiber lip spoiler gives an aggressive look. To balance the rear, a Vorsteiner diffuser and BMW performance spoiler complete the carbon fiber theme.

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  3. Alpine White M3 with BBS FIs, Akrapovic, Brembo & Recaro

    The BBS FI is perhaps the most coveted wheel on the market for the M3. Featuring forged aluminum construction and an aggressive spoke pattern, the FIs are the perfect wheels to show off the accompanying Brembo big brake kit. The car is lowered with a set of KW Clubsport coilovers. In the rear you'll notice a combination of two high-end modifications: the VRS System 1 diffuser paired with an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust. Inside, Recaro Pole Position racing seats featuring red stitching completes the sporty and aggressive feel of this E92.

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