bmw i3

  1. 2018 i3 S - AST Suspension Lowering Springs

    2018 i3 S - AST Suspension Lowering Springs

    Even EVs need some love too. This i3's owner is an avid autocrosser (check out those Schroth Racing harnesses!) and wanted some more performance out of their daily driver. AST Suspension makes a lowering spring that retains OEM-like ride comfort, so the owner of this i3 opted for them. Each spring is cold wound and then heat treated to increase hardness and reduce internal stresses present after winding. Each spring is then individually shot peened, phosphate treated and then powder coated to outlast even the life of the vehicle. With the car lowered and looking more athletic, this i3 ought to surprise some other drivers on its next canyon outing!

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  2. 2018 BMW i3s

    2018 BMW i3s

    The i3 was always quick and nimble for what it was--a compact EV primarily designed for urban travel (with a range-extender option for folks who need to drive some more). The i3s is the newest iteration of the eco-pocket rocket. Power has been bumped up to 184 HP and 199 ft-lbs (compared to the 170 HP/184 ft-lbs of the standard model). Top speed has been increased from 93 mph to 99 mph. 0-60 times have also dropped from 7.3 seconds to a 6.9. It's certainly no M2 or M3 in regards to speed or power it's still a decent amount of car for the average driver. While the i3s may seem underwhelming for most performance junkies, it does offer a look into the future of alternative-fuel performance cars.

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  3. Lowering A BMW i3

    We have begun to see an increase in the number of BMW i3s rolling around town. It has only been a matter of time before an i3 obtained modifications other than coding to its sophisticated technological package. On the stock suspension the i3 has a fairly comfortable feel. Without sacrificing ride quality, the H&R Lowering Springs we put on this i3 gave it a fairly decent drop. Benefits of the H&R springs are not only the lowered stance but also a lower center of gravity providing improved handling.

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  4. 2015 BMW i3 REx

    Announced as a concept in 2011, BMW’s i3 was the first produced addition to part of BMW's "Project i". Launching as a new brand, BMW i, the i3 is the first automobile that BMW has produced to have zero emissions, with its electric platform. Although the little one of the two ‘i’ vehicles (BMW i3 and i8), the car still comes with many available options and just like the i8, has a frame constructed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The carbon fiber isn’t the typical carbon fiber that we see and is a rather simplified weave in order to save on production costs. Because of carbon fibers light weight, the i3’s energy consumption level is highly more efficient than if the frame were to be made of a heavier material.

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