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  1. 2021 Dravit Grey G80 M3 - Macht Schnell Competition Wheel Spacers

    2021 Dravit Grey G80 M3 - Macht Schnell Competition Wheel Spacers

    The G8X chassis M cars are probably the most polarizing designs from Bavaria to date. A lot of criticism has been raised with the large front kidney grilles but as we see more and more of these new cars in the flesh, the more we like them. When in a darker color like Black Sapphire Metallic or Dravit Grey, the grilles are less noticeable. This Dravit Grey M3 stopped by for its first round of mods with Macht Schnell Wheel Spacers and body color-matched Front Reflectors from IND. This car's got 10mm spacers on all 4 corners. Along with the painted reflectors, we also installed blacked-out Roundels on the front, rear and all the wheels (stock roundels have a chrome rim). We weren't too fond of the styling like many during the announcement but with tasteful mods, we think these cars will start growing on people. We can't wait to do more to this new platform as more stop by our shop...

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  2. F32 428i - M Performance Brake Upgrade

    Brakes are essential to a cars function both on the track and on the street. We trust in our brakes to bring us to a halt in emergency situations and to also help slow us down so we can enter a corner without flying off the track. Brake systems can be upgraded in couple of ways. Brake pads, fluid, calipers, and rotors are all parts of a braking system. We equipped this F32 428i with a set.

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