1. Loud & Fast M3 Convertible

    As far as convertibles go, this particular M3 is rather aggressively modified. Under the hood you'll find the newly installed ESS VT2-650 supercharger system, which thrusts this E93 to just above the 575whp mark. Underneath the car is a Macht Schnell Race Catless X-Pipe mated to a Meistershaft Race Exhaust. Just in case you weren't sure, yes, this set-up is insanely loud! Be sure to watch the video to see for yourself. On the inside we installed bmwpedals DCT paddle shifters, bmwpedals aluminum pedals and an Awron digital gauge. On the outside, this convertible is fitted with an Arkym carbon fiber front lip, an Arkym carbon fiber rear diffuser, a Vorsteiner carbon fiber vented hood, a Vorsteiner carbon fiber trunk and an iND painted cosmetic package. To help this car handle the extra power, we installed the Ohlins Road & Track DFV coilovers and Ground Control camber plates to compliment the Brembo GT big brake kit. Matte Black ACE Design wheels finish off this Alpine White M3 with a unique touch.

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  2. Cool & Clean Alpine White E92 M3

    This beautiful M3 is equipped with a modification list that is sure to envoke envy among M3 owners. To start, this E92 is fitted with a set of KW V3 coilovers and BBS LM-R wheels for a low and wide stance. To match the OEM carbon fiber roof, this Alpine White M3 is fitted with a Mode Carbon V1 GTS front lip, Downforce USA side skirts, the Varis System 1 diffuser, a Vorsteiner vented hood and a Vorsteiner Aero trunk. Underneath the car is an Eisenmann stainless steel exhaust system featuring polished LeMans tips and a "Race" sound level. On the inside we installed the BMW Electronic Performance Alcantara steering wheel, which has a multifunctional display and integrated shift lights. bmwpedals Extended Billet DCT Paddle Shifters with red painted inserts compliment the new steering wheel.

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  3. Ohlins Coilovers for a Road & Track M3

    For daily driven cars that make their way to the track on the weekends, the Ohlins Road & Track coilover system is the perfect solution. Featuring dual flow valve (DFV) technology, these Ohlins coilovers offer superior handling without sacrificing daily comfort. To get the most from the new suspension, we dialed-in a 50/50 weight distribution with a corner balancing service, and then configured a performance alignment using the Vorshlag adjustable camber plates. To further improve its handling capabilities, this Jerez Black M3 is equipped with a set of lightweight Volk Racing TE37SLs wrapped in super sticky Hankook RS-3s. Exterior modifications are sublte, consisting of an IND painted cosmetic package, front splitters, a rear diffuser, a trunk spoiler and our larger exhaust tips. On the inside, BMWPedals billet DCT paddles have been mated to a BMW Performance Alcantara steering wheel for a proper motorsport look and feel. The end result is a subtle, double-duty E92 that's capable of grabbing groceries and setting lap times.

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  4. Alpine White M3 Gets Some Carbon

    A lot of our customers simply love carbon fiber. Take the owner of this Alpine White / Bamboo Beige E92 for example. Satisfied with the OEM performance, handling and sound of his M3, the only thing missing for him was a healthy dose of carbon fiber. To remedy the situation we first installed BMW Performance's own carbon fiber interior trim, which surrounds the cabin in a glossy 2x2 weave. BMW doesn't make a carbon fiber center console, so IND supplied a beautiful matching center console piece to complete the interior. For the exterior, we then installed the BMW Performance front splitters and mirror caps. Additionally, we further improved the interior by installing BMWPedals aluminum pedals (complete with an engraved ///M logo) and a matching set of billet aluminum DCT shifter paddles.

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  5. Brand New M5 Gets The EAS Treatment

    For a lot people, taking delivery of their brand new BMW from the dealership would probably one of the highlights of their life. However, there are some people who know exactly how they want their car modified before they even get a chance to drive it. So was the case with this brand new Black Sapphire Metallic M5. Arriving at our shop on the back of a BMW dealership's delivery truck, this beautiful F10 got an EAS makeover with only 9 miles on the odometer.

    As is a priority with many M5s that come through our doors, this F10 required an exhaust worthy of the 560hp V8 under the hood: the Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system. While this car came equipped with the 601M competition style wheels, the owner asked that we swap them with the standard 343M style wheels and a set of Macht Schnell wheel spacers. The exterior received several upgrades such as the RKP carbon fiber lip, the RKP carbon fiber diffuser, the BMW Performance carbon fiber spoiler, a set of IND carbon fiber mirrors and the ever popular IND painted cosmetic package. A black stainless steel "Powered by M" license plate frame and an M-engraved set of black aluminum BMWPedals give the finishing touches to this sleek M5. Now, it's finally ready to be driven and enjoyed.

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  6. Jerez Black E92 M3 Gets KW V3s

    Featuring a classic set of 20" BBS LM wheels, this beautiful Jerez Black M3 came to us for a new set of coilovers. Opting for the popular KW V3s, these German-made coilovers instantly gave this E92 its sporty ride height and even sportier performance. To get that perfect, dialed-in stance we installed the smallest Macht Schnell spacers available (3mm) to push the rear wheels further out, even if only slightly. The exterior of the car has been completely customized in a subtle, OEM-like style. Several carbon fiber pieces, such as the BMW Performance rear spoiler & front splitters, Gintani rear skirts and the Challenge rear diffuser, have been seamlessly molded and painted into the existing body work. For contrast, some carbon fiber remains visible, such as the kidney grilles, mirrors and CRT style front lip.

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  7. Clean & Simple Alpine White M3 Sedan

    This Alpine White E90 shows off just how good the M3 can look on the stock 18" wheels. With only a set of B&G lowering springs and Macht Schnell wheel spacers, the OEM wheels are positioned perfectly within the car's fenders. For some added sportiness, this M3 is equipped with an Eisenmann Race exhuast and a painted BMW Performance rear spoiler. As is the case with most of the other M3s we see, the IND painted cosmetic package gives this sedan the finishing touches.

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  8. VT2-625 Space Gray M3

    If you've ever been to our shop, then you've probably seen this Space Gray E92 M3 parked in front. Being our third project E92 M3, we decided to do things a little bit differently this time around. Unlike our previous Alpine White project E92, which was essentially a street-legal race car, this M3 is much more of a sleeper.

    Exterior modifications are limited to matte black kidney grilles & fender gills, IND painted reflectors and a Duke Dynamics trunk. Lowered on KW Clubsport coilovers and pushed out with Macht Schnell spacers, the stock 18" wheels house a set of AP Racing brakes which have been custom painted for a subtle appearance. Lurking under the hood is an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system combined with an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system, which is good for over 560hp at the wheels. Inside, an Awron Kompressor 1 digital gauge display, the BMW Performance steering wheel and a set of BMWPedals billet DCT shifter paddles dress up an otherwise stock Speed Cloth interior.

    The end result is a very fast and very comfortable M3 that doesn't boast about it. If you ever want a ride, just let us know!

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